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Logitrac increases employee and company productivity! PowerPoint Presentation
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Logitrac increases employee and company productivity!

Logitrac increases employee and company productivity!

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Logitrac increases employee and company productivity!

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  1. Sub-Dealer Overview:Logitrac provides real-time GPS web-based technology. Using small and powerful tracking devices, we are able to provide you with the very best in information resources and data. Our goal is to bring the best solutions from large to small companies with customization second to none. Logitrac offers virtual management through the very best in GPS Technology. With additions like on-board computers for dispatching and routing, drop loads and pickups. Bluetooth technology for scanning, signature capture, real-time billing, and bar code scanning for checkpoints on the truck. New addition featuring the Driver Scorecard which captures all of drivers habits. Vertical Industry Targets: Logitrac targets companies that have minimal employees up to thousands of employee vehicles. Whether its general contractors to transport, electricians to limo services, we provide the solution that is right for you. Go To Market Strategy: * Logitrac is a partner of AT&T’s Business Alliance Channel * Our competition is QUALCOMM, Trimble, Teletrac & Discrete Wireless * What separates us from the competition is cost, mapping, engine data, driver scorecard, reports and reliability * We are pursuing resellers outside our region of the Southwest Pacific and South AT&T Co-Sell Wins: * Currently partnered with AT&T on all GPS Tracking Opportunities with new and existing clients Dealer Contact Information: Contact Logitrac Sales to find the nearest Agent in your area!! Logitrac Inc. Xerox Center, 1851 E. 1st Street #900, Santa Ana, CA 92705 Office: 888-LOG-TRAC Fax: (949)335-5617

  2. Logitrac increases employee and company productivity! How much more productive would your employees be if you were right next to them? • Locate employees on any computer with internet access • Unit locations updated every two minutes • View maps updated within seconds of real time • 19 Different types of alerts that can be emailed w/ customized alerts available • Full service & maintenance scheduling and history • Dispatching capabilities to sms drivers directly from site with 2 way communication • Geo-fence zoning, out of area alerts, unauthorized usage • Monitor your employees’ progress; Manage field service operations • Be alerted by email and/or text message when an employee arrives or departs locations, or fails to depart on schedule • View employees’ location and tracking history up to 120 days on your computer • Locate employees on city maps by aerial and street view • View tracking path, speed, and direction of travel • View real-time fuel consumption, hard braking, hard turns, acceleration & more. • Full engine diagnostics, temperature monitor, tire pressure, all checkpoints

  3. How Logitrac Inc. benefits your company • If you get a call from a customer, you know exactly who is closest to that area to provide better, faster service to increase customer satisfaction. • Being able to see when your employees arrive at job sites, how long they are there, and what time they leave. • Logs state mileage that qualifies with IFTA(Interstate Federal Tax Association) • Live mapping with auto-refresh so you can watch your assets moving live. • No software needed, web-based application so you can access anywhere on the go, even your cell phone. • Installation is behind dash so employees do not have access to the unit. • Reports idle time and fuel consumption so you know your employees are not wasting fuel and your time. • There are 20 different types of reports. So you will get every bit of information that you need about any or all of your vehicles. • Access to full engine data for driver scorecard reporting

  4. This is the Dashboard view that comes up when you login. It is basically an Admin page to let you know how many vehicles you have, drivers, landmarks etc. It also shows you any alerts you have whether it’s speeding, geo-fence alert, or what alert you want to see. You can click on either vehicles or drivers at the top and edit anything to do with each. It also has slots to fill in for maintenance scheduled alerts and things to that nature.

  5. This is the mapping page. This shows you on a map where all your vehicles are at. On the left it shows you when they last reported and if they are stopped or not. You can put your cursor over the alias to see all the information of the vehicle at that particular time. You can also click on the alias and it will zoom down to that specific target for a closer view. If you click on that little clipboard, it will bring up all the activity for the day, as well as alerts. If the vehicle has an alert, you will see a alert sign next to the stop sign. Next to track on the tabs, you have history, which shows a bread crumb trail of the trucks activity, landmark, and geo-fence. The last two show you on a map of where you have created each. You can also click on the actual truck on the map to bring up information as well.

  6. Self Explanatory!!

  7. This is a history map. It shows all locations that the vehicle went for the day. You can click on any icon to bring up information on what he was doing. The red is stopped, the yellow truck being under the speed limit. You can set the icons to be whatever you want them to be.

  8. Dispatch & Messaging This is the dispatch page. From your mapping, you will receive a popup alerting you of an incoming message. From there, you can view the message giving you what truck it was from, incoming or outgoing, the body, and when it was created. It shows you the history of each truck in the upper section and all your trucks in the lower section.

  9. This is a great feature for dispatching. You can type in an address and it will pull up how far each vehicle is away from that address. You can click on any of the vehicles and hit direction and as you see on the left, it gives you turn by turn directions to the end location.

  10. Here is a picture of a geo-fence. It can either be a radius or a polygon. The polygon is great for cutting out exactly the area you need with unlimited points. You can setup the vehicles to be alerted entering, exiting, or both. You can also show speed going through geo-fence.

  11. Reports DatabaseWe offer 20 different types of reports ranging from mileage and fuel consumption to start/stop summary and idle time.  Including speeding alerts, activity reports & vehicle utilization.VehicleAfter Hour Report -- Reports on "After hours" or other unauthorized use, as input to management for corrective action.Alert Report -- Displays a list of all alerts generated in the within a date range.Excessive Speed Excessive Idle Unauthorized Usage Geo-Fence Excessive Speed End Vibration Sensor Geo-Fence Speed Ignition On Temperature Under Low Battery Ignition Off Vehicle Stopped Panic Button Reed Sensor Temperature Range Route Trip Begin Vehicle Started Temperature Over Approximate Mileage Report -- Display the approximate mileage for each day.Current Activity Report -- Display all active items in text format and related information.Current Track Report -- Display track information along with detailed information related to the trip.Detailed Activity Report -- Display activity information along with detailed information related to the trip.Detailed Track Report -- Display all activity from unit including time, address, city, state, & ign status.Driver Activity Report -- Display a summary of all activity for drivers within a given date range.Fleet Driver Vehicle History Report -- Display detailed history for each vehicle-driver assignment.Fleet Hours Worked Report -- This report provides a summary of the actual hours a vehicle has been used. It details hours worked, days worked and average hours worked per day. Use this report to measure productivity across your fleet.

  12. Reports Database(Cont) State Mileage Report(IFTA) -- Display all trucks and mileage for each state and totals all including hours in each state.Speed Report -- Display sessions that generated speed alerts within a given date range.Start/Stop Summary Report -- Display start & stop times, start & stop locations, max speed and distance cover for each trip within a given date rangeTrip Report -- Display start, idle, and stop report with trip distance, trip time, total idle time, and total stop time.Vehicle Utilization Report -- Display vehicle utilization summary including fuel consumption and against fleet % • MaintenanceVehicle Maintenance History Report – Displays vehicle maintenance history informationVehicle Maintenance Schedule Report – Displays vehicle maintenance schedule information • Point of InterestLandmark Entry & Exit Report – Displays landmark entry and exit informationLandmark Status Report – Displays when landmark status has change • Security User Login Report -- Display user activity in the system within a given date range.

  13. This is the Mileage Report. It breaks down each truck for mileage in each state and hours spent in each state. This is great for anyone using IFTA. It totals each state at the bottom of the report.

  14. This is the detailed track report. This provides a text version update every 2 min and the time, date, address, city, state, direction of travel, mph, and ignition status. Also, if there was an alert such as speeding or a geo-fence breach, it would also show in the ign column.

  15. This is the Detailed Activity Report. This shows the updates every two minutes with status, address, speed, mileage from point to point and fuel usage.

  16. This is the Fleet Hours Worked Report. This shows you how much each vehicle runs for the day, how many miles for the day, and the fuel used. This is very key information for productivity.

  17. This is the Speed Report. This shows you in detail of who was speeding, what time they were speeding, the threshold you have set, and the speed they actually reached.

  18. This is the Start/Stop Summary Report. You can set the way this report gives you data by setting the stop threshold, highlight speed over x, & highlight stops made over a certain time. This shows you when they turned the vehicle on, when they turned it off, the max speed in that time, the locations of both, the stop duration, trip duration, Distance traveled, and fuel used.

  19. This is the Trip Report. This breaks down the start location, where it was at, any idle time in between, and the end location. It also breaks down each trip with total distance, total trip time, total idle time, and total stop time until next ign on. At the end of the summary, it totals all of summaries to give you a total for the day.

  20. This is the Vehicle Utilization Report. This breaks down all of your vehicles, the total distance driven for the selected time, the amount of fuel consumed, and the % of which it was used compared to the rest of the fleet.