information for parents key stage 2 sats n.
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Information for Parents: Key Stage 2 SATs PowerPoint Presentation
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Information for Parents: Key Stage 2 SATs

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Information for Parents: Key Stage 2 SATs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Information for Parents: Key Stage 2 SATs
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  1. Information for Parents:Key Stage 2 SATs RYDON

  2. What does SATs Stand For? • Statutory Assessment Tasks and Tests (also includes Teacher Assessment). • Also known as NCTs ( National Curriculum Tests) • Usually taken at the end of Key Stage 1 (7 years) and at the end of Key Stage 2 (at 11 years). • ALL Year 6 in the country are taking these.

  3. What level should children be at? • Around 80% of children are at Level 4 by the end of Key Stage 2. • Some children will still be at Level 3 and some children will achieve Level 5. • A small percentage of children will not yet be working at Level 3. • A very small percentage will be working beyond Level 5 and maybe entered for Optional Level 6 test.

  4. How are the children assessed? • For children working at Level 3 and above, there are two sorts of assessments: tests and teacher assessments. • For children working below Level 3, the only statutory assessment is teacher assessment and those children do not necessarily take the tests. • We work closely as a team to ensure that pupils are not put in for tests that they cannot do or feel they cannot achieve in.

  5. When do these tests happen? • This year it is the week beginning 12th May. • All tests take place in that week. • Children may not take them earlier or later. • Usually there are one or two tests per day. • Children usually enjoy the week and celebrate with a Multi-cultural Arts Day on the Friday.

  6. 2014 Test Timetable

  7. How is SATs week organised? • A timetable is issued to the school. • All children must sit the tests at the same time in the school. • Test papers can only be opened 1 hour before the tests begin. • Tests are completed in classrooms, with any displays that may help covered over. • The LEA monitor 10% of schools per year. • The DFE have insisted all schools conduct as formal exams. We always have.

  8. What do the tests involve?


  10. How can parents help? • The best help is being interested In their learning and their progress. • Attending meetings and parents’ evenings; like next week. • Supporting homework when set. • Not putting children under too much pressure by over-emphasising revision work. • Making a game of revision. • Ensuring children arrive for tests: - in good time - having had breakfast - had plenty of sleep

  11. How can I help? • Make learning fun. A few tips…… • Plant on the wall • Trace the word • Shop a Math along • Work out song, a phrase to help • Journey/Car games • Measure …how big….long…wide

  12. How can I help? • Read leaflets and magazines • Cook together and get them to read the recipe, measure the ingredients • Talk through their thoughts to get thoughts in a logical order • Draw the sequence to tell the story or how they do something

  13. How can I help? • Chocolate and pizza does help when dividing! • Ask them how did you do that? WOW • Have a buddy or if they prefer a private area to work • On a walk get your child to tell you..what do you do you do……

  14. How can I help? • Praise • Praise • Praise • Provide rest bites • Believe in them…………

  15. What information do parents get and when? • Majority of test papers are sent to external markers. Arrive back in school in early July. • We then check the results and papers to ensure there are no errors. Sometimes papers are sent for re-marking. • Schools must inform parents of SATs results by the end of the school year in July. • Parents receive test and teacher assessment levels for English and Maths. You will receive all levels for subjects. • Parents are given the overall school results as a percentage. These are compared to the previous year’s national figures. N.B. A school’s results depends on cohort.

  16. REMEMBER • Only a snap shot. • No need to worry. • We will work together to make sure the pupils are happy in what they can do. • Always ask us. • We are always here.