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Music magazine pitch of ideas

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Music magazine pitch of ideas. Genre/ Sub-genre.

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genre sub genre
Genre/ Sub-genre
  • The overall Genre for my magazine will be hip-hop, but will focus entirely on UK Hip-hop. This is very different to what the US produce as it isn't all big chains and money. Artists such as Children of the damned, a collective that is from the north could feature, alongside Fliptrix, Jam Baxter and locals Split Prophets that are more down the country.
  • The only other magazine which is similar is called “wordplay magazine” which focus’ on hip hop and graffiti culture, and is a very popular magazine as every issue sells out.
  • I have chosen to do this genre as it is an up and coming scene and the music I personally listen to, so I will enjoy creating the magazine.
  • The audience of my magazine will be quite small, as the magazine itself is representing a small culture of music.
  • My reader will be a older teen to mid-twenty male, currently attending further education or doing an apprenticeship and is interested in street culture life such as going to local acts whenever he can, having an interest in urban sports and graffiti and trying to save money for going to festivals. My reader also downloads mixtapesand downloads songs from YouTube, as the music isn't on ITunes, but on separate digital music distributors like Bandcamp. He will likes other genres of music, such as electro and Drum and Bass but has a genuine interest in the community behind the UK hip-hop culture.
name of magazine
Name of magazine
  • I am still undecided on the name of my magazine, but at this moment in time I like the sound of :
  • Dark science –because making music could be seen as a science and the use of “Dark” just gives it an edge.
  • Sloppy beats – because “beats” is a musical term that could be used and “sloppy” because the artists’ flow tend to seem effortless and I think It links well together.
  • My unique selling points will be that it is representing a small community, so will advertise local venues and get new artists noticed faster and easier. It will also be a guide for people that have recently found an interest in the culture. The fact that the magazine is so cheap and seasonally also makes it stand out from the rest. The magazine will also come with things such as free mixtapes, competitions to win festival tickets and merchandise (t-shirts, stickers etc.)
editorial mission statement
Editorial mission statement
  • The aim of my magazine is to represent the culture behind UK hip-hop and get it more noticed, as there is no money in industry around It which doesn’t give the best artists a chance to show themselves, resulting in playing in small venues in cities. I also want to keep the audience it has now updated with up coming gigs and new releases as it is the only place they can find the information.