Many ways to skin a cat measuring olli s successes
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Many Ways to Skin A Cat: Measuring OLLI’s Successes - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Many Ways to Skin A Cat: Measuring OLLI’s Successes. Linda G. Shook and Virginia E. O’Leary. Big Data. Little Data. In a member led, member driven organization like OLLI, how do you know what your membership wants?.

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Presentation Transcript
Many ways to skin a cat measuring olli s successes

Many Ways to Skin A Cat:Measuring OLLI’s Successes

Linda G. Shook and Virginia E. O’Leary

The olli at auburn story
The OLLI at Auburn Story sure.

  • In the beginning there were the opinions of the members of the OLLI Board.

  • Then, at a Board meeting in October during an intense discussion of ways to raise funds..

Olli s partner
OLLI’s Partner sure.

  • Dr. Malissa Clark and her class of 7 doctoral students enrolled in a course entitled Research Methods for Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Olli at auburn as client
OLLI at Auburn as Client sure.

  • Brief history

  • Purpose of the survey

  • Question domains

Content categories
Content Categories sure.

  • Demographics

    • Gender

    • Age

    • Education

    • Comfort with technology

    • Years living in the Auburn area

  • Experiences with OLLI

  • Attitudes toward OLLI Fundraising

  • Ways members learned about OLLI sure.

  • Attendance at OLLI functions by type, academic or social

  • Reasons for considering withdrawing from membership

  • Curriculum and Services

    • Satisfaction

    • Use of OLLI benefits

Qualtrics sure.

Drafts sure.

  • Original 105 questions

  • Pared to 45 questions

    • Reviewed by the OLLI Director, Linda Shook, and me

    • Final review for content by the Board

Pretests sure.

  • Pretest of the internet version for time and wording

    • 20 OLLI members randomly selected

  • Pretest of the hard copy version for time and wording

    • 5 convenience sample of OLLI members

Survey administration
Survey Administration sure.

  • Across 2 weeks with a reminder at day 10

  • Paper surveys available at the OLLI desk during classes

Olli at auburn membership survey
OLLI at Auburn Membership Survey sure.


Response rate
Response Rate sure.

  • 43% (N=267 of the 615 members who were sent the survey.

Crosstabs sure.

  • Gender

  • Member status (academic or general)

  • Length of OLLI affiliation

  • Previous career history

  • Previous career

  • Educational background

  • Marital status

Content analyses
Content Analyses sure.

  • The ended questions included in the survey were content analyzed.

Analyses sure.

  • The students analyzed the survey with input from me regarding crosstabs of interest.

Results sure.

  • The students presented the results to the Board at a meeting called for that purpose.

Linda shook director olli at auburn
Linda Shook, Director sure.OLLI at Auburn

  • Worked with non profit groups.

  • B. A., Public Relations, University of Alabama.

  • M.Ed., Adult Education, Auburn University.

The survey is available at
The Survey is Available at: sure.


Win win
Win-Win sure.

  • OLLI at Auburn has data on which to base decisions for the next couple of years.

  • Dr. Clark was able to teach survey research methods in real time.

  • The students were able to work with an actual client and can now claim to have done survey work on their resumes when they go to look for jobs.

  • The university has an illustration of the contribution of OLLI at Auburn to its academic mission.

Partnering with academic units
Partnering with Academic Units sure.

  • Enhances OLLI’s relevance to the broader campus community.

  • Provides a platform of inter generational collaboration that benefits both.

As director of olli at auburn
As Director of OLLI at Auburn sure.

  • The value of surveys for data to enhance our programs.

  • The importance of using empirical data to make decisions.

  • The utility of forging partnerships with the academic side of the University which deepens our roots within our host institution.

New data collection efforts
New Data Collection Efforts sure.

  • Survey of OLLI faculty.

  • Attrition Survey.

  • Preferences for social events.

Thank you
Thank You sure.