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Creating a self-service bot with QnA Maker and AI PowerPoint Presentation
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Creating a self-service bot with QnA Maker and AI

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Creating a self-service bot with QnA Maker and AI

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Creating a self-service bot with QnA Maker and AI

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  1. Creating a self-service bot with QnA Maker and AI Iliyas Chawdhary Azharuddin Mohammed THR3144

  2. Introduction to the OneFinance Why we needed a bot? How did we implement and achieved success? Demo Looking forward What we will cover today

  3. Introduction to OneFinance What is it? Dynamics 365 Implementation for 1150 users across 8 countries Ensures finance support functions are performed efficiently and compliantly for ~200 legal entities Global team—functions include payroll, accounting, reporting & analysis, statutory compliance, supplier and partner payouts, procurement operations, employee expenses, outbound royalties, controls and compliance testing and anti-corruption monitoring What does it do? Governs outsourced operations for Accounts Payable, Procurement, Accounting transactions reporting and analysis, controls testing and statutory reporting; Manage service delivery, supplier relationship and commercial contract administration

  4. PROCESS CHANGE Created a multi-lingual chatbot to automate procurement and payment support, reduce support costs, and improve customer satisfaction Business Process Automation Finance Operations Chatbot TECHNOLOGY Azure Bot Service Bing Translation Skype for Business SQL 2016 SOLUTION Azure Bot Service integrated with Skype for Business, providing responsive single user interface. Integrated with Cortana for a web-based, mobile application. SharePoint Office 365 Azure Blob Storage Azure LUIS RESULTS • 30%+ support cost savings • 30% queries resolved at 1st touch • Multi-language support for tickets TIME TAKEN 10 weeks to complete

  5. OneFinance Bot architecture Web Chat & Cortana Microsoft Bot Framework Microsoft Cognitive Services Multi Lingual Capabilities KB Integration (QnA Maker)

  6. Demo QnA Maker and Bot Azharuddin Mohammed

  7. Looking forward OneFinance is working on the FY19 road to excellence through Omni channel engagement—Dynamics October release ML for sentiment analysis Archiving as a Service to reduce the data from Production CRM

  8. Please evaluate this sessionYour feedback is important to us! Please evaluate this session through MyEvaluations on the mobile appor website. Download the app: Go to the website:

  9. Microsoft Core Services Engineering & Operations (CSEO) Find us in the Immersion Zone and at Expo Theater #5 Meet the IT pros who power and digitally transform the Microsoft enterprise

  10. IT Showcase Learn how our IT pros are digitally transforming the Microsoft enterprise -white papers-technical case studies-articles-webinars-blog