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A Presentation by. Becky Rathgeber Genie Ka ‘ uhane Alvarado Jessie Kalika Afong. Purpose and Mission.

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a presentation by

A Presentation by

Becky Rathgeber

Genie Ka‘uhane Alvarado

Jessie Kalika Afong

purpose and mission
Purpose and Mission
  • To serve the needs of the residents of Hawaii, with an emphasis on Native Hawaiian materials to ensure the collection, preservation, and accessibility of significant national resources relating to Hawaii and its Native peoples. There will be a specific emphasis on genealogy, while continuing to support and preserve the education of Hawaiian language and culture.
user population
User Population
  • Intended for use by all residents of Hawaii
  • community members of all ages
  • Students
  • Researchers

There is a specific focus on the community and their interests.

access preservation issues
Access & Preservation Issues
  • The library is open to the public.
  • A library user card will be available for all Hawaii residents in the case of borrowing materials.
  • A visitor user card is also available to non-Hawaii residents for a small fee. The visitor user card is valid for two months.
  • Computer access is available in multiple locations. No specific ID is needed to access the computers.
access preservation issues6
Access & Preservation Issues
  • The library houses closed and open stacks.
  • There are designated rooms for the usage of rare and special collections with staff assistance for photocopying and/or other needs related to these materials, for the purpose of preservation.
  • Multiple copy machines are accessible throughout the buildings including a small copy center for those needing assistance.
  • Special collections will have a borrowing limit of one week’s circulation on selected items.
access preservation issues7
Access & Preservation Issues
  • The focus of the preservation policy is to maintain and preserve items consistent with their use and significance. This will include the preservation of the physical format of the item as well as the intellectual content.
  • Preservation activities include selection of the most appropriate format for acquisition, conserving and repairing the collections, creating user copies, controlling the environment, and establishing conditions of use.
access preservation issues8
Access & Preservation Issues
  • The library hours of operation will be:
    • Mon, Wed, Fri, 9:00 am – 7:00pm
    • Tues, Thurs, 9:00 am – 10:00 pm
    • Sat, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
    • Online access will be available 24hrs. with borrower’s library card number.
scope of the collection
Scope of the Collection
  • The collection will contain any materials written by, or written about Native Hawaiians and Hawaii, mainly in Hawaiian and English, unless it is a pertinent document in another language pertaining to Native Hawaiians and Hawaii.
The Scope: -Books (hardbound and paperback) -Newspapers, -Periodicals (paper, microform, electronic) -Microforms -Video cassettes, DVDs, audio material (oral histories) -Pictures -Online resources (Internet, Database access, other services)

-Musical scores

-Pamphlets (with limitations)

-Maps (mainly pertaining to Hawaii, but not limited to)

-Government Documents

-Children’s Material

  • Personnel- Library Director (60,000)- Acquisitions/ILL (45,000 x 3 = 135,000) - Cataloging (45,000 x 4? = 180,000)- Reference Librarians (50,000 x 10 = 500,000)- Technical Services (45,000 x 5 = 225,000) & equipment (300,000)- Preservation (45,000 x 3 = 135,000)- Specialists (Genealogy, Hawaiian Language, Hawaiian Culture) (45,000 x 6 = 270,000)- Circulation/Library Assistants (Shelve, mend, small projects) (35,000 x 10 = 350,000)- Custodial (40,000 x 3 = 120,000)- Landscaper/Maintenance (40,000 x 2 = 80,000)- Security (40,000 x 4 = 160,000)
  • Equipment

- Computer Lab Equipment (average computer $600 X 200 = 120,000)- Software (150,000)- Electronic Databases (500,000) - Microfilm/Serials + equipment (500,000)- Materials (Furniture, signs, bookshelves, storage, benches, tables, etc.) (300,000)- Nā Pua o Hawai‘i (Furniture, decorations, games) (5,000)

Total: 4,090,000 for start up cost minus architectural costs.

  • Establishing a person-to-person level of communication and assistance
  • Make all community members feel welcomed and comfortable so they will be able to take advantage of its abundant resources
  • A greeter will welcome them at the front entrance
  • An information desk will be located in the lobby
  • Directional signs
  • Inter-library loan will also be provided
  • cultural and professional training for staff and a serious commitment to be accommodating, helpful, personable, and especially approachable
  • Genealogy specialists, Hawaiian language specialists, and also Hawaiian culture specialists
  • All computer systems will be accompanied by a staff member close by to provide any assistance needed, for those with no or little experience with computers, intended for keiki and kūpuna. Tutorials will also be included for certain programs
  • Genealogy RoomWe decided that a core highlight of this National Library would be genealogy work. There will be a specific room/section specifically dedicated to this. This is due to the emphasis/interest that is placed on genealogy in the Hawaiian culture. Included in the section will be specialists solely for assistance regarding genealogy, as well as duplicate copies of materials that are particularly pertinent and frequently used, along with a computer station to use, and other programs/databases that will assist the Hawaiian population in the location of their ancestors (with tutorials, as well as human assistance).
  • Nā Pua O Hawai‘i Another focus of the library will be to create an atmosphere that is family and community oriented. In order to create an environment that will be conducive to this goal, the Nā Pua O Hawai‘i room will also be arranged to keep them involved in the library. There will be an adjacent story telling room, lots of children’s books, a place to do homework, small couches, chairs, and tables that are fun to sit on. Occasional activities will be provided throughout the month that will encourage and familiarize the children to learnand be comfortable in the library.