a presentation by swets blackwell n.
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A presentation by Swets Blackwell PowerPoint Presentation
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A presentation by Swets Blackwell

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A presentation by Swets Blackwell - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A presentation by Swets Blackwell
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  1. A presentation by Swets Blackwell

  2. Agenda: • Background to the initiative • What is the role of Swets Blackwell? • Where are we now in the process? • Next steps • Future options for Subscription Agents

  3. Background to the initiative: ALPSP • The Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers that represents not-for-profit publishers • Several hundred members • Runs seminars and training programmes for members • Publishes ‘Learned Publishing’ • www.alpsp.org

  4. Background: publisher and library developments • The advent of the ‘Big Deal’ • + • The advent of consortial purchasing • + • Global budget restraint • = • A severe squeeze on the titles of the smaller publisher

  5. ALPSP Collection: the concept • Try to minimise the squeeze factor by creating a cross-publisher collection among ALPSP members • Use a common licence • Make content available through a single channel

  6. ALPSP Collection: partner needed • Recognition by ALPSP that they lacked the resources to change concept into reality • Input from a senior publishing consultant to help them identify a probable partner • Formal tender and interview process • Swets Blackwell signed a Memorandum of Understanding with ALPSP in April

  7. The role of Swets Blackwell • Developing the collection by signing-up publishers • Representing participating publishers in managing sales to consortia and other interested libraries • Signing licences with consortia and other interested libraries on behalf of the participating publishers

  8. The role of Swets Blackwell • Providing access to consortia and other libraries via SwetsWise Online Content • Collecting and processing orders from clients • Apportioning the revenues and paying participating publishers • A genuine one-stop-shop for both ALPSP and libraries

  9. Where are we now? • Web site established for information about the initiative (www.alpsp-collection.org) • Questionnaire sent to potential publishers inviting participation • Visits to those publishers who have expressed interest (around 25) • Finalising licences and agency agreement between Swets Blackwell and participating publishers

  10. What next? • Intention is to have final list of publishers participating (and the titles) by 31 July • Depending on levels of participation, two additional subject packages will also be available (Medical and Life Sciences and Science and Technology) • Aim is to present the packages and pricing at this year’s ICOLC and E-ICOLC meetings

  11. Future options for agents? • Swets Blackwell’s role with ALPSP is for three years • If it is successful (for both libraries and publishers) does it suggest a future role for agents in bringing such cross-publisher collections together? • Will it encourage greater acceptance and use of Model Licences? • Will more publishers be willing to grant agents Power of Attorney to sign licences on their behalf?

  12. Concluding points • Like all initiatives of this kind, it will require major cooperation between the parties and significant trust • For more information, please see the web site: www.alpsp-collection.org or contact Laura Bonald (Lbonald@nl.swetsblackwell.com)