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Capitol Area Council Boy Scouts of America

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Capitol Area Council Boy Scouts of America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Capitol Area Council Boy Scouts of America. Philmont 2012 Council Contingent Contingent Advisor: Sid Covington 925-1231 (cell ) (575) 376-2281 x1231 (Philmont) Scout Advisor: Rick Denison 617-8627 Tonight. Travel Information

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capitol area council boy scouts of america

Capitol Area Council Boy Scouts of America

Philmont 2012Council Contingent

Contingent Advisor:Sid Covington925-1231 (cell) (575) 376-2281 x1231 (Philmont)

Scout Advisor:Rick

  • Travel Information
    • Schedule
    • Uniform
    • Packing
  • Financial
  • Paperwork
    • Registration
    • Youth Protection
  • Contact Information
  • Duty Roster
  • Patches, Duffle Bags, & Maps

2012Trek Final Meeting

travel information

Westgate MallWhole Earth Provision Co.Parking Lot


Whole Earth Provision Co.



Travel Information
  • Austin to Philmont:
    • Departure Date: Sunday, June 24, 6:00 am
      • Meet 5:00am at Whole Earth parking lot (Westgate Mall, 4477 S Lamar)
      • FULL Class-A Uniform
      • Busses Depart at 6:00amREGARDLESS!
      • Lunch in Lubbock – Texas Tech University Stangel/Murdough Dining Hall
      • Dinner in Las Vegas, NM – Highlands University of New Mexico (no bathrooms in dining hall)
      • Arrive at the Philmont Welcome Center ~9:30 pm (MDT)
      • Overnight in Tent City or trail tents
  • Philmont to Austin:
    • Return Date: Saturday, July 7, ~10:45 pm
      • Packlines at Welcome Center at 5:00 am — check out of tent city
      • FULL Class-A Uniform
      • Dining hall for “continental” breakfast at 5:45 am
      • Depart Philmont ~6:30 am (MDT)
      • Lunch in Amarillo, TX – gatti's Pizza
      • Dinner in Abilene – McMurry University, Mabee Dining Hall
      • Arrive Whole Earth parking lot (Westgate Mall) ~10:30 – 11:00pm



Bus 1

Bus 2

Bus 3

Bus 4

Pack lines on store side

2012Trek Final Meeting

facts of contingent travel
Facts of Contingent Travel

Sometimes youhave to be patient!

    • VCRs
    • Air conditioners
    • Window shades
    • Cargo doors
    • Engine problems
  • It can get hot on a full bus! Particularly on the trip home (afternoon Texas heat).
  • Everyone drinks/eats more snacks on way to Philmont than the way home!
  • Bathrooms fill up!!
  • Bus drivers take breaks — we don’t!
  • Busses


If there is a problem, the bus leader on Bus 1 is in charge! Thebus leader on each bus is responsible for their bus!

They will be in contact with theContingent advisor & bus company.



2012Trek Final Meeting

bus assignments
Bus Assignments

Bus Leaders

2012Trek Final Meeting

general information
General Information
  • Bring books, CD-players, radios, Gameboys, iPod’s, etc. (with earphones) for bus trips & base camp.
  • Bus Leaders will bring snacks & coolers with drinks (water) & snacks — no personal food.
  • Bus Leaders will bring movies to play bus trip (use good judgment in selecting).
  • Everything must be in duffle bags & backpacks.
  • Will leave your “stuff” (in your duffle bags) in lockers at Philmont while on trail.
  • Can leave “valuables” in envelopes in locked vault in Registration (cash, credit cards, key to locker, etc.)

2012Trek Final Meeting

  • Wear Class-A Uniform while traveling & for base camp activities (crew photo, meals, chapel services, campfires).
    • Can remove uniform shirt & wear crew tee shirt while bus is moving — Class-A when off bus.
    • Applies to all participants — youth and adults.
  • Class-A Uniform:
  • Boy Scout:
    • Tan uniform shirt
    • Scout belt
    • Scout long pants -or-Scout Shorts with Scout socks
  • Venturing Crew:
    • Green uniform shirt
    • Crew’s “official” pant (long or short)
    • Crew’s “official” socks (with shorts)
    • Crew’s “official” belt

Can be “new” or “old” uniform.

  • Will leave in duffle bag in locker while on trail.

2012Trek Final Meeting

trek schedule
Trek Schedule:
  • Day 0 — Travel — Austin to Philmont – CHQ—Tent City and/or trail tents (Sunday, 6/24)
  • Day 1 — Camping HQ/Tent City — (6/25)
      • Registration Check-in
      • Medical Re-check
      • Equipment shakedown*
      • Museum tours (optional)
  • Day 2 — Depart CHQ/1st Day on trail(6/26)
  • Day 3 —2nd Day on trail, first full day (6/27)
  • Day 4 — 3rd Day on trail, Ranger Departs am(6/28)

…… (hike between camps, participate in programs)

  • Day 11 — Last Full Day on trail(7/5)
  • Day 12 — Return to Camping HQ/Tent City(7/6)
      • Return equipment
      • SHOWERS!
      • Souvenirs
  • Day 13 — Travel — Philmont to Austin(Saturday, 7/7)
  • Logistics (bring “overall” & V.V. map)
  • Services (food, equipment)
  • Crew Photo*
  • Opening Campfire

Meet Your Ranger

“Arrival Day”

* may do morning of Day 2

  • Ranger Training:
    • Hiking techniques
    • Campsite setup
    • Cooking
    • Water purification
    • Navigation
  • Registration check-out
  • Trip to Cimarron
  • Closing Campfire

2012Trek Final Meeting

financial policies information
Financial Policies/Information
  • All crews are fully paid.
  • We are within budget!
  • Participants need personal money for:
    • Snacks at Camping Headquarters (before/after).
    • Souvenirs at Tooth of Time Trading Post.“Campers spend an average of $100 at Philmont’s trading posts. If major items such as jackets are desired, more money will be needed.”
    • Backcountry (~$20, small bills):
      • Shotgun shooting — additional shots
      • Fishing license — $1.50 (youth), $9-$40 (adult)
      • Snacks (healthy)
      • Fuel
    • Trip to Cimarron — any meals there
  • Adults need to take Driver’s
  • license or other photo Id
  • with them to the backcountry
  • to be able to purchase
  • fishing license!

Root Beer in the Cantina’s!!!



2012Trek Final Meeting

outstanding paperwork
Outstanding Paperwork
  • Paperwork was due April 15.
  • Scan & e-mail to (preferable)
  • If you must send hardcopy: UPS or US Mail to: Sid Covington, LOGISTICS 47 Caballo Rd Cimarron, NM 87714
  • Paperwork MUST be complete or your crew can’t go.

2012Trek Final Meeting

paperwork checklist for crews
Paperwork Checklist for Crews

You keep the originals! Sid needs copies only.

Take your paperwork to Philmont with you in your Crew Advisor Binder.

2012Trek Final Meeting

crew advisor responsibility
Crew Advisor Responsibility:
  • All participants (youth and adult) must be registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.
  • All adults (18 or older) with primary registration in a Boy Scout troop or team— and —

All adults (21 or older) with primary registration in a Venturing Crew— must be:

    • Registered as adult leaders
    • Current (2 years) in Youth Protection

This is your responsibility! Nobody will ask to see the cards.

Youth Protection can be taken on-line via Council website.

2012Trek Final Meeting

contact information
Contact Information
  • Parent/Family Information Letter
    • Each advisor should make copies for crewmember’s families
      • Discusses Uniform while traveling/base camp
      • Includes telephone numbers for emergencies
      • Complete Travel information
      • Information about money, packing, and manners
  • Phone numbers:
    • Sid Covington:
      • Cell: (512) 925-1231
      • Philmont: (575) 376-2281 x1231 — Logistics
      • Eagle Nest, New Mexico: (575) 377-6820
    • Philmont Switchboard: (575) 376-2281

This information is on the Contingent website and in your Crew Advisor binder.

2012Trek Final Meeting

duty roster
Duty Roster:
  • Prepare duty roster before leaving for Philmont.
  • Make copies for all participants (laminate).
  • Website has tool (Excel) & Philmont version.
  • On back of CrewLeader Copy.
  • Crew Decisions:
    • All participantsshare work equally?
    • Tentmates
    • Skill level
    • Crew Leader?
    • Adults?

2012Trek Final Meeting

duffle bags council strips
Duffle Bags/Council Strips
  • Duffle Bags (count your bags tonight):
    • Have a few bags for sale, $35.00 each
  • Patches:
    • Have CSP’s for sale
    • Have Contingent patches for sale
  • Bring backpack & duffle bag ONLY! Don’t bring anything else on bus! Everything must fit into duffle bag while on trail. Duffle bag will be stored in locker while on trail.


$5.00 each for participants$30.00 each for others

Logo patches:

$5.00 each for participants

$10.00 each for others

2012Trek Final Meeting

maps one topo map set per person
Maps — one topo map set per person

Only need to take two or three sets of maps on the trail with you!

Advisors:bring the “Overall” (& Valle Vidal) map with you to Day 1 Logistics Trip Planning!

Do not mark up your maps before coming to Philmont!

2 Sets of Known Sister Crews

The number of maps each crewmember gets is based on the crew’s itinerary.


It will be 5:00 in the morning before you know it!

I’ll see you at Philmont! —Sid


Here we come!

2012Trek Final Meeting