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Reality or Fantasy?   PowerPoint Presentation
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Reality or Fantasy?  

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Reality or Fantasy?  
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Reality or Fantasy?  

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  1. Reality or Fantasy?   Becoming a Multi-Racial, Multi-Cultural Congregation Annette Marquis, District Executive Thomas Jefferson District Unitarian Universalist Association

  2. A Litany of Restoration by Marjorie Bowens-Wheatley If you are straight and I am gay, IT WILL NOT MATTER. If you are Christian and I am Jewish, IT WILL NOT MATTER If we join spirits as brothers and sisters, The pain of our aloneness will be lessened… And that does matter. IN THIS SPIRIT, WE BUILD COMMUNITY and MOVE TOWARD RESTORATION If, recognizing the interdependence of all life, we strive to build community, the strength we gather will be our salvation. If you are black and I am white, IT WILL NOT MATTER. If you are female and I am male, IT WILL NOT MATTER If you are older and I am younger, IT WILL NOT MATTER. If you are liberal and I am conservative, IT WILL NOT MATTER.

  3. What is a multi-racial, multi-cultural congregation? A congregation where no one racial group comprises more than 80% of the membership Michael Emerson, United by Faith

  4. Common comments about a becoming MR/MC congregation

  5. VISION STATEMENT of theMIDDLE COLLEGIATE CHURCH Adopted March 6, 2005 by the Middle Collegiate Church ConsistoryMiddle Collegiate Church is a celebrating, culturally diverse, inclusive and growing community of faith where all persons are welcomed just as they are as they come through the door. Rooted in Christian tradition as the oldest continuous Protestant Church in America, Middle Church is called by God to boldly do a new thing on the earth. As a teaching congregation that celebrates the arts, our ministries include rich and meaningful worship, care and education that nurture the mind, body and spirit, social action which embraces the global community, and participation in interfaith dialogue for the purpose of justice and reconciliation.

  6. Assessing Your Readiness Developed by the Rev. Dr. Curtiss De Young, professor of Reconciliation at Bethel University

  7. Demographics

  8. History/Tradition

  9. Leadership

  10. Leadership

  11. Congregational Culture

  12. Congregational Culture

  13. Worship Experience

  14. Educational Programs

  15. Outreach Efforts

  16. Resources • UUA Anti-Racism, Anti-Oppression, Multicultural (ARAOMC) Resources • DRUUMM, a UU People of Color org. • Allies for Racial Equity, a UU white allies org.

  17. Church Websites • Middle Collegiate Church • Davies Memorial UU Church • All Souls, Unitarian • First Unitarian Church of San Jose

  18. Questions