animal behaviors n.
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Animal Behaviors

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Animal Behaviors - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Animal Behaviors. PowerPoint by Tricia Corum. Adaptation. This is when an organism gets used to an environment. It can change itself over time to be able to survive in that environment.

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animal behaviors

Animal Behaviors

PowerPoint by Tricia Corum

  • This is when an organism gets used to an environment. It can change itself over time to be able to survive in that environment.
  • These two bears are from two different climates, that’s why they look so different. One is meant for ice and tundra, the other is more for the forested areas.
  • This is when an animal blends into its surrounding area to either hunt or hide from predators.
  • An example of this is The chameleon. It Changes colors to Blend in.
  • This is when an animal sleeps for a long period of time because of a lack of resources.
  • This mouse has horded food so that it will not go hungry over the winter.
  • Dormancy is the same thing as hibernation, but it applies to plants.
  • As the seasons pass, the tree’s leaves change color and fall off so that it will not die in the cold.
  • When an animal tries to get the attention of an opposite sex for mating, this is called courtship.
  • This peacock is showing off to a female in hopes to impress her with his beautiful feathers.
  • This happens when animals move large distances for mating, food, or weather.
  • The birds are flying south for the winter because of the extreme temperature decrees.
  • When an animal has the ability to grow back lost limbs, it is called regeneration.
  • Even when this lizard looses its tail or legs, they grow back without harming the animal too much.
innate and learned
Innate and Learned
  • Innate- behavior that the animal already knows how to do from birth.
  • Learned- behavior that is taught to the animal at some point in life.
  • Ducks are born knowing to stay with their mother, but the man was taught how to run at some point in his life.
  • This occurs when an animal marks a place as its property. It take ownership of that area.
  • Dogs mark territory by urinating on objects to show their ownership of it.