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Behaviors. Seventh Grade. Written by Barbara Mackessy. Types of Behaviors. Acceptable Behaviors Unacceptable Behaviors. Acceptable Behaviors. The appropriate The good The right The correct Doing what you are supposed to do THE ACCEPTABLE = SUCCESSFUL. Unacceptable Behaviors. The bad

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Seventh Grade

Written by Barbara Mackessy

types of behaviors
Types of Behaviors
  • Acceptable Behaviors
  • Unacceptable Behaviors
acceptable behaviors
Acceptable Behaviors
  • The appropriate
  • The good
  • The right
  • The correct
  • Doing what you are supposed to do
unacceptable behaviors
Unacceptable Behaviors
  • The bad
  • The negative
  • The inappropriate
  • The wrong
  • Doing things you are not supposed to do
how to make a good impression in 7 th grade
Be clean

Be neat

Dress neatly


Talk to people

Just be yourself

Have supplies/prepared

Ask questions


Follow directions

Act appropriately

Be honest

Follow dress code

Be nice

Be respectful

Stay quiet during class

Use good manners

Pay attention

Follow all rules

Try your best

Good posture

Help others

Be on time to school & class

Raise your hand to talk

How to make a good impression in 7th grade
how to handle cut downs from your classmates
Ignore them

Walk away

Laugh it off

Say thank you


Tell them that you do not appreciate that

Say “I thought you were my friend”

Be nice to them

Tell the teacher

Don’t say anything to them

Be polite

Never start a fight

Cold shoulder

Stay away from them

Act like you don’t get it

I realize that I’m not perfect

How to handle cut-downs from your classmates
ways to overcome shyness

Practice smiling in a mirror

Say hello to one person every day

Practice in low risk situations

Do something new everyday to improve

Take risk

Be positive and respectful

Be yourself

Get to know a person who is shy

Get involved

Offer you opinion

Join a club

Eye contact

Be yourself

Good attitude

Think “I can”

Start small, work you way up to larger crowds

Show perseverance

Help others

Encourage others

Ways to overcome shyness
how to make a better grade

Take notes

Do all class work

Do all homework

Turn in all work on time

Pay attention

Listen to instructions

Follow the instructions

Read all directions

Proof read all work

Read the chapters

Prioritized your work

Ask questions



Have all supplies

Don’t cheat

Don’t wait until the last minute

Believe in yourself

How to make a better grade?
being prepared
Have paper, pen/pencil and notebook

Have agenda

Sharpen your pencil before class starts

Be in your seat

Be on time

Organize your desk

Copy all board notes

Take notes during discussions

Do not day dream

No sleeping

Get all materials from your locker - double check

Stay on task

Always try your best

Make up work when absent

Ask for extra credit

Ask for help when needed

Being Prepared
help you have a better research project
Collect the data

Research the topic

Use reliable sources

Use many sources

Research extra reading

Don’t copy from books or websites

Don’t wait until last minute

Follow all instructions

Ask questions if not sure

Be creative

Go to the library

Know due date

Start early

Correct grammar

Keep project neat and clean

Be organized

Complete rough draft

Proof read draft

Have someone else proof read draft

Make corrections

Type final project

Spell check final project

Turn it in on time

Prepare visual with project

Be prepare to explain about the project

Have a rough draft

Let someone proof draft

Never stop trying

Turn project in

Turn project in on time or early

Double check all facts

Help you have a better Research Project
things ways to help improve a project
Things/ways to help improve a project
  • Do better research
  • Be organized
  • Follow the directions
  • Look over project and correct problems you see
  • It is ok to ask for help
  • Do not do your project in a hurry
  • Do project a little at a time
  • Do not do project all at once
  • Know the due dates
  • If you have a questions, ask the teacher
  • Let a friend/parent look over it and make corrections
  • Redo what you need to
  • Make sure you have all supplies at the start of the project
  • Use the materials that your teacher ask you to use
  • Check and make sure you went through all the steps on the rubric
  • If you are doing a group project, make sure all people do equal amounts
  • Do lots of research
  • Make sure research if from good source
  • Keep all papers and work clean, not torn or tattered
  • Turn in all parts on time
  • After project is graded, go over to see what to do differently next time
ways to impress the teachers
Be on time

Do all assignments

Be ready to start class on time

Have all materials

Do you best

Try at all times

Be alert

Be careful

Be respectful

Use manners

Be honest

Produce neat work


Ask questions



Have good posture

Follow all rules

Raise your hand

Show responsibility

Help others

Ways to impress the teachers
be a team player

Ask others opinions


State your opinion nicely

Reach consensus

Normal voice tone/volume

Make everyone feel important


Be respectful

Realize everyone is important

Good attitude

Good self-esteem

Be thoughtful

Be considerate

Show sympathy, empathy

Be polite, kind,

Be fair and honest

Motivate others

Give your best effort

Be understanding

Make good choices

Respect others

Do your part

Offer encouragement

Take responsibility

Be trustworthy

Don’t make excuses

Admit mistakes

Learn from your mistakes

Be a Team Player
ways to make better friends
Be dependable

Be trustworthy

Be prompt

Be nice

Use manners

Be respectful

Listen to them

Be polite and kind

Show interest in them

Do what you are told

Follow all rules

Keep your area clean

Be responsible

Be careful

Be honest

Show that you care

Don’t quit

Include them in things

Don’t talk behind their backs

Don’t bully them

Ask their opinion

Work your problems out

Don’t complain bunches

Be responsible

Be considerate

Take on extra chores

Do the job right the first time

Take the initiative

Set goals

Plan on improving

Learn from your mistakes

Ways to make better friends
how to deal with stress
Go for a walk

Work out at the gym




Listen to music

Go shopping

Talk to friends/parents/counselors


Writing in a journal

Go to the spa

Go for a drive

Go on vacation

Use punching bag

Play a sport

Create something

Make lists pros/cons

Use stress ball/toys

Pamper yourself

Be strong

Clean the house/room

How to deal with stress
good communication skills
Normal voice/tones

Maintain eye contact


Pay attention

Ask questions

Proper body language

Use correct body mannerisms

Seek not only be be understood but also to understand

Beware of receiver

Don’t gossip

Firm handshake

Consider entire environment – safe

Understand what you want to say first

Clarify your ideas

Consider overtones

Encourage feedback

Use feedback

Follow up

Be sure your actions support your communication

Don’t interrupt

Be respectful

Don’t ignore the other person

Good attitude

Think positive

Good Communication Skills
unacceptable behaviors1
Unacceptable behaviors
  • Only get you into trouble
  • Make you the wrong kind of friends
  • And eventually lower your self-esteem.
if you use acceptable behaviors
If you use acceptable behaviors
  • You will be respected for yourself.
  • You will have more friends.
  • You will be like yourself which in turn increases your self-esteem.
you have control over
You have control over…
  • What you think
  • What you say
  • What you do
  • Therefore, you have control over your behavior at school, at home, and in the community.
improvement plan
Improvement Plan
  • Who – I will
  • What – do __________
  • When – by_____________
  • Where – at home, at school, in the community or everywhere
  • Why – to improve ___________ so that I can get and keep a job in the future.
homework improvement plan sample for improving grades
Homework – Improvement Plan Sample for Improving grades
  • Who – I will
  • What – find more work to do when I’m finished
  • When- this year
  • Where- at school
  • Why – so I can learn to take charge of my time and improve my grades.
  • Who – I will
  • What – ask more questions
  • When- this nine weeks
  • Where- in science
  • Why – so I will learn the concepts and principles faster to make a better grade and make my parents proud of me.
  • Dropbox the assignment into the bin “to be graded” for your class period.
  • Put your improvement plan into the Dropbox in the front of the classroom as “improvement plan”.
Select the item that you think will be the hardest for you to manage or do in the future to improve your behavior and attitude from the previous slides.. Now write five goals that tasks.

Write each of the goals with the with the 5 W’s as shown below.

Who – I will

What – do ____

When – by ____

Where – at home, at school, in the community or everywhere

Why – to improve _____ area so that I can get and keep a job in the future.

Assignment: In your four areas write two goals with the 5 W’s.

Sample goals – so you can see what you are expected to do for each of your goals. Do not use any of these. Create your own goals for the area that you think will be the hardest for you in the future.. These are samples only.

Who – I will

What –be polite

When- this year

Where- at school

Why – so I will make more friends and not loose the friends I have now.

Who – I will

What – not use cut downs

When- this year

Where- at school

Why – so I will not hurt someone’s feeling and maybe have more friends.

Who – I will

What – not complain as much

When- this nine weeks

Where- at school and home

Why – so I will learn to be more responsible to be more successful in the future.

body mannerisms
Nodding the head

Type of hair style

Facial expression






Poker face

How hands are positioned



Burying head in hands

Covering face with hands



Looking into space

Looking down

Look of innocence


Clearing of throat


Sticking out tongue

Tongue in cheek



Nervous laughter


Scratching head

Biting nails

Type of handshake

Crossing arms over chest

Outstretched arms

Crossing fingers

Snapping fingers

Cracking knuckles

Playing with pencil/paper

Biting pencils

Shrugging shoulders





Type of walk


Body Mannerisms