welcome to science with m rs vaux n.
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Welcome to science with M rs. vaux

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Welcome to science with M rs. vaux - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to science with M rs. vaux. This is my family. What will we study?. The Rules. Rule #1: Follow directions quickly!. Don’t waste class time! Be quick about getting out your books, paper, and pencils or doing something that I have asked you to do.

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rule 1 follow directions quickly
Rule #1: Follow directions quickly!

Don’t waste class time! Be quick about getting out your books, paper, and pencils or doing something that I have asked you to do.

rule 2 raise your hand for permission to speak
Rule #2: Raise your hand for permission to speak.

Wait to be called upon and don’t blurt out answers!

rule 3 listen while others are talking
Rule #3: Listen while others are talking.

Listen to your teacher and other students while they are talking. You never know when you might miss something important!

rule 4 make smart choices
Rule #4:Make smart choices!

Complete all your work on time!

Use your class time wisely!

rule 5 respect everyone
Rule #5:Respect Everyone!

Don’t borrow things without asking.

Be polite and helpful to your fellow students!

rule 6 keep your dear teacher happy
Rule #6:Keep your dear teacher happy!

I’m happy when all my students are learning and enjoying science class!

I’m not happy when someone makes it difficult for other students to learn!

the rules1
Rule #1 Follow directions quickly.

Rule #2 Raise your hand for permission to talk.

Rule #3 Listen while other people are talking.

Rule #4 Make smart choices.

Rule #5 Respect everyone!

Rule #6 Keep your dear teacher happy.

The Rules
the countdown1
5…stop what you’re doing.

4…put down your pencil.

3…put your hands in your lap.

2…look at Mrs. Vaux.

1…you’re quiet and ready to listen.

The Countdown

What happens if I catch someone cheating?All the people involved will earn a ZERO on that assignment and they will call their parents.Remember..It’s ok to give help or hints, but it is NOT ok to give answers!


What happens if I forget an assignment at home, leave it in my locker, or just don’t do it at all?Let Mrs. Vaux know I do not have the assignment. Write an “LA” in my planner. Get the late work done asap!


What should I do about the work I missed when I was absent?I can look up what I missed on Mrs. vaux’s website. When I get back to school, I will get the blue sheet from my homeroom teacher.I will have two days for each day I was absent to make up the work assigned while I was gone. Any work that was due the day I was absent is due when I return to class.


What do I need to do to use a pass?I need to ask mrs.vaux for permission to use a pass to visit the office, go to the bathroom, or get a drink.


When should I see mrs.vaux for extra help?I should ask questions during CLASS when I have time to work on assignments or make arrangements to come in after school. I should not wait until an assignment is due to ask for help.


Do my parents need to sign my planner every night?Yes!!Why?My planner is an important part of the communication between home and school. This is where My teachers will write notes to My parents and where they can write notes to My teachers.


Where do I put my Friday folder?on the first school day after the weekend break, I am supposed to put my Friday folder in my take-home box.

Where do I put special papers that I bring back from home?All permission slips, etc are to be put in the special box on the white board.
now for the scavenger hunt
Where can you find each of the following items?

Pencil Sharpener –

Back Up Kleenex –

Emergency Maps (fire and tornado) –

Dictionaries or Thesauruses –

Science textbooks –

Glue, Rulers, Calculators –

Extra Paper –

Assignment Box–

Now for the Scavenger hunt!