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Solar Oven Ideas

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Physics To Win It: Heat Is on challenge. Solar Oven Ideas . Why Solar Ovens . Go Green http :// Nature Conservancy: Haiti http :// Pizza Box Your Mission .

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why solar ovens
Why Solar Ovens
  • Go Green
  • Nature Conservancy: Haiti
  • Pizza Box
your mission
Your Mission
  • To design a solar oven that will create the most thermal energy in 45 minutes using common supplies (cardboard boxes (shoe box, pizza box, larger box, etc.) tin foil, plastic wrap, newspaper, etc.)
  • You must work in groups of 3 or 2 (need team name)
  • You will calculate volume of oven (minimum of 1,000cm3, joules of energy converted, and power of oven
  • You can choose to bring ingredients from the provided recipes (only) to make something for your group/self
provided items
Provided Items
  • Tin foil (about 4 sheets (8.5x11))
  • Plastic wrap (about 4 sheets of 8.5x11)
  • 2 sheets black paper (which I would like back at the end)
  • Glue, staples, tape (not very strong)
items your team must provide
Items Your Team Must Provide
  • The container (be creative!)
  • Extra tin foil (if needed)
  • Extra plastic wrap (if needed)
  • Insulation (if needed)
  • Substitutes for any of the above materials (for example: if you want plexi-glass or something more heavy duty then plastic wrap)
  • Any pre-cooked food items (basically we are only melting or re-heating foods for safety reasons, must come packaged)
  • Please use caution when cutting cardboard, especially with sharp scissors or exacto knives
  • Please only bring food that is pre-cooked and packaged
calendar of events
Calendar of Events
  • 4/2/13 Tuesday: Create Teams, Team Name, Brainstorm Ideas, preliminary list of materials
  • 4/8/13 Monday: GUARDIAN SIGNATURE is REQUIRED. In class time to research design and materials wanted
  • 4/9/13 Tuesday: Final proposal of design, materials, and recipe (if cooking food)
  • 4/15/13 Tuesday: ALL MATERIALS DUE (in class time to assemble solar oven)
  • 4/16/13 Wednesday: COMPLETED SOLAR OVEN DUE
  • HEAT IS ON CHALLENGE DAY: TBD because of weather (hopefully 4/17/13 Thursday)
rough draft proposal
Rough Draft Proposal
  • Team Name:
  • Team Members:
  • Possible Materials, quanities and Rational/Explanation FOR ALL MATERIALS DESIRED:
  • Design Sketch and LABELED!
grading requirements for each group
Grading Requirements For Each Group
  • Final Proposal (requirements coming) 20pts.
  • Solar Oven, materials must be approved before hand (rough draft proposal) 20pts.
    • (temperature must be raised to at least 100 degrees F )
  • Calculations 10pts.
final proposal
Final Proposal
  • Team Name:
  • Team Members:
  • Hypothesis: estimated final temperature _______
  • Possible Materials, quanities and Rational/Explanation FOR ALL MATERIALS DESIRED:
  • Design Sketch and LABELED!