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Heaven’s Flame – Solar Oven

Heaven’s Flame – Solar Oven. BY: Melody congote , carolina oliva , David & hector Castillo. Purpose. The purpose of the project was to cook food and make an oven that can function because of the sunlight . Procedure. We went dumpster diving We found cardboard

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Heaven’s Flame – Solar Oven

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  1. Heaven’s Flame – Solar Oven BY: Melody congote, carolinaoliva, David & hector Castillo

  2. Purpose Thepurpose of theprojectwastocookfood and makean oven that can functionbecause of thesunlight.

  3. Procedure Wewentdumpsterdiving Wefoundcardboard Wegottwo boxes thatwemeasured 13 by 13 Webought a thermalspray can Thenwespraycannedthe box Weputfoilontheedges Thenweaddedtheglass & thenweplayedthewaitinggame

  4. Results • Wedidnthaveluckduringthisproject, wehadmanydifficultiesorproblems. • At 1st thebageltoasted and wedidntwehavetherightcheesenortheglass • As wellforhaving gaps aroundtheglass • Orthelighteningtowardsthebagelwasntenough • Peoplekeptdroppingourproject • And thestability of theprojectwasdisfunctional • To top it off someone, notgunnamentionanynames brokeourglass

  5. ChoiceDesign Thechoice of designwepickedwastheHeaven’sflame. Wepickeditbecauseitlookedefficient.

  6. Materials Thethingsweusedwere 2 cardboard boxes, 1 spray, a bagel, tape,2 diffrenttype of cheese, rulers, scrapts of cardboard, glass, thesun’s light, foil, and scissors

  7. Recipe Ourrecipewasplain and simple just a bagel and cheesetomakeit a cheesebagel.

  8. Mistakes Cause Effect And

  9. ThankYouforyour time!

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