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  1. Diary

  2. 25.04.2014r. • Around 8 PM my partner arrived. I was very happy to finally see Pavlina and her friends. After greeting Cypriot partners we went to my house and ate dinner, and then we went to bed.

  3. 26.04.2014r. • In the morning, my parents brought me and Pavlina to school. She went with her Cypriot friends on a trip by coach. After the tour we went to a restaurant to celebrate my dad's birthday. When we ate dinner we went home to relax a bit, and then we went to a party to Maja's house. That day was full of excitement so we quickly fell asleep.

  4. 27.04.2014r. • In the morning I took Pavlina to the church where she was able to see Roman Catholic church rituals (e.g. baptism), and after the mass we returned home and ate dinner. I must admit that I was very happy with the fact that my partner enjoyed our traditional Polish dinner (broth, pork chops). After lunch we went to the gallery to do some quick shopping and then we drove home.

  5. 28.04.2014r. • That day I showed my partner our school and presented her to my friends. After interesting lesson a basketball match between Polish and Cypriot partners began. Unfortunately, our team lost the match but it's important that everyone was playing well. After we finished our activities at school we went with my friend Zuzia and her partner to Zawiercie to show her our town.

  6. 29.04.2014r. • Today, a group of Polish partners took their Cypriot partners for a trip to TarnowskieGóry whereas we stayed at school and had lessons. After coming back from the trip Pavlina told me how the trip was, and then we ate dinner and she showed me souvenirs she bought during the trip.

  7. 30.04.2014r. • That day I went to school with Pavlina to take part in the ceremony on the occasion of 3rd May (Polish national celebration). After the show we went to eat dinner at my house, and then we went back to school because Pavlina was going on another trip to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp. After the pleasant trip we went to bed quite late at night because she had to tell me everything, but I was glad she liked our country and customs.

  8. 01.05.2014r. • Today, we went to the Adrenalina Park in Ogrodzieniec early in th morning. It was a whole lot of fun, and when we finished climbing we ate "pieczonki" which were prepared by Polish partners' parents. Later that day I returned with my partner home for a while and then we went on a group trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine where we all tried salt and bought souvenirs.

  9. 02.05.2014r. • Today we went to Cracow. We saw there a lot of various historical buildings and many wonderful churches. After that nice trip to Cracow we went to the mall to do some small shopping. We returned home weary but happy.

  10. 03.04.2014r. • We went to Zakopane that day. We saw there a great ski jumping slope and the Krópówki Street, and despite the rain we had a great time and we also tried great Polish delicacies - "oscypek" and traditional dinner which was delicious.

  11. 04.05.2014r. • We spent that day with our family so I took Pavlina along with my parents on a trip. I showed my partner two castles in Bobolice and Mirów, and after the dinner I showed Pavlina the Okiennik rock where we took some cool pictures. At the end of a successful day we went to a restaurant for the Euro-dinner which was the last dinner ate together in Poland by both groups. A lot of people cried, but everyone tried to keep in mind the happy moments which we spent with our partners.

  12. 05.05.2014r. • Unfortunately, Pavlina had to leave Poland and go back home in Cyprus. It took us a some considerable amount of time to say final "good bye" as I was attached to Pavlina. We became very close friends so I was sorry she had to go. Yet I hope that we meet again someday, but I'm sure we will often write to each other.

  13. Thank you for watching my presentationWiktoria Waniak