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Diary 1914

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Diary 1914

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  1. Diary1914 Lance Corporal David Fredrick Livingston

  2. Day 6 I arrived in Ypres 6 days ago and I can’t believe it, but this place is a bigger crap hole than the last place I was stationed at. I already knew how bad the war is, but I have only been in condition this bad once before. It’s looking like this battle is just a bloody stalemate

  3. Day 14 Holy hell this place is bad. Since I have been here I have had no time to write in my diary as I have been knee deep in a muddy trench shooting at bloody Frits and making sure some of these younger blokes don’t kill themselves as a result of them going crazy. I see them, cowering when they here explosions, what the hell is wrong with them?

  4. Day 16 Holy crap the weather here is unbearable! The mud seems to be getting higher and higher. I saw a man nearly drown in mud. I have seen a whole load of crazy stuff but never a death that absurd! The battle is definitely turning out to be a stalemate and I can see men shivering as they prepare to go, over the top. I hope to hell I don’t have to go down that path.

  5. Day 21 It’s only been 21 days. Only 21 bloody days! It’s felt like 21 years! I’ve almost had enough! I’ve seen men drown in mud. Mens limbs blown off. Men sent to there graves as they are ordered to go over the top. How much longer will this horror remain?

  6. Day 30 All I have done the last 9 days is kill. Just kill. I’ve shot at least 70 Germans. All I see these days is blood squirting out of my enemies gunshot wound. I don’t see how long I can keep doing this without having my head blown.

  7. Day 35 A few days ago my best mate had both the bottom of his legs blown off completely. It happened right in front of my eyes. He was going over the top and I promised him I would cover him from the trench. He barely took 10 steps before he was lying on the ground screaming in pain. I didn’t even think of what I was doing when I leaped from my trench and dived over to his side.I dragged him back to the trench but it was already to late. He must have lost heaps of blood or something because he slowly died right in front of me. I have a letter of his that I will send to his loved ones. Rest In Peace cobber!

  8. Day 37 I think I might be going over the top soon. I haven’t heard anything but I am assuming that they will want to send me eventually. It is just a matter of when. I have left this photo of me and my mates. I am the one on the right, and my mate who just died is standing behind me.

  9. Day 47 I am goin’ home. I was right they sent me over the top, some frit shot me as soon as I hopped up. Internal injuries or something. Hurt like hell. Although I was so shocked I couldn’t make sense of what was going on. I can’t wait to see my wife but. All I care about now.