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Diary. James Qi , Winnie Liu, Adam Grundhoefer , Nate Haugen. Dear Diary,.

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  1. Diary James Qi, Winnie Liu, Adam Grundhoefer, Nate Haugen

  2. Dear Diary, • This morning I woke up at 7:38. I took a quick shower, and when I got upstairs ,everyone was already in the car. I grabbed some food and my back pack, then I ran out and got in the van. When I got to school it was 8:04. I threw my back pack in my locker, and quickly walked towards my English class. When I was halfway there, I heard the bell ring, but I stealthily snuck into my seat before Mrs. Kuznicki saw me. I thought to myself, “Another tardy has been effectually avoided!”

  3. Dear Diary, I sat in class listening to a conversation occurring behind me. I heard the gossip and words full of hatred spewing out of the mouths of the two students as they talked about my best friend. I was not going to sit there supinely. I quickly spun around and put an end to it, making sure it would not happen again. I know he would have done the same for me. I realize how important it is to not just let things happen and be passive, because being a true friend and taking action and standing up for your values and beliefs.

  4. Dear Diary, Today I learned about the Declaration of Independence in the United States. The declaration recognizes the unalienable rights of humans as all men are created equal. Some of these rights stated are liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. In religion class, we learned that the individual is endowed at birth with rights that are unalienable because they are given by his creator. I had to do nothing to earn these rights. They are what makes me an individual and a person.

  5. Dear Diary, • My very fragile body almost blew away in the wind as I stepped out of my car. The gusts were a disaster yet they were an amazing sight to see the power of God. They blew over trees and power lines, carried the birds in the wrong direction, tore roofs off of houses, and made the seas roar with huge waves. The weather man said the winds would only be transient, but I thought otherwise. These winds were here to stay and it would be a long time until they passed. The damage done was only the beginning!

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