stalin s totalitarian state n.
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Stalin’s Totalitarian State

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Stalin’s Totalitarian State - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stalin’s Totalitarian State. Lenin had set up a communist gov’t in the Soviet Union He dies in 1924 & Joseph Stalin gains power Stalin ruled as a totalitarian dictator. USSR : Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

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stalin s totalitarian state
Stalin’s Totalitarian State
  • Lenin had set up a communist gov’t in the Soviet Union
  • He dies in 1924 & Joseph Stalin gains power
  • Stalin ruled as a totalitarian dictator


Union of Soviet Socialist Republics


Totalitarian state: a single party controls the gov’t and every aspect of people’s lives. Citizens must obey the gov’t without question. Criticism of the gov’t is severely punished

Example: Stalin ordered peasants to hand over land to gov’t-run farms. He tortured political enemies.

fascist italy
Fascist Italy
  • Totalitarian leaders also came to power in Italy & Germany
  • These dictators were Fascists
Fascism: political system that is rooted in militarism, extreme nationalism & blind loyalty to the state

Communist support = working classes

Fascists support = business leaders/ wealthy


Many fascist leaders ARE under a totalitarian gov’t.. They can/ do overlap!

Anyone know why dictators saluted like this?

  • In 1922 Benito Mussolini & his Fascist party seized power in Italy
  • Many Italians were annoyed that the Versailles Treaty did NOT grant Italy territories it wanted
  • Italy’s economy was unstable & there was fear growing of a communist revolution

Ancient Roman fascists saluted this way… Italians & Germans picked it up in the 20s & in 1933 it was directly linked with the Nazi party. Since WW2 it’s a criminal offense to use it in Germany & Austria. It is looked down upon in Italy too.

  • Mussolini outlawed all political parties except his own once he was in power
  • Controlled the press & banned criticism of the gov’t
  • Critics were jailed/ murdered
  • School children chanted his praises
  • “Mussolini is always right!”
an example of aggression conquering ethiopia
An example of aggression: Conquering Ethiopia
  • 1930s Mussolini used foreign conquest to distract Italians from economic problems
  • He promised Italians he would restore the “greatness of Rome” & embarked on a program of military aggression
aggression warlike act by one country against another without just cause
Aggression: warlike act by one country against another without just cause
  • Mussolini invaded Ethiopia in 1935 & conquered them (tanks, machine guns, planes)

What a scary dude!

nazi germany
Nazi Germany
  • Adolf Hitler brought the National Socialist German Workers’ Party to power
  • Nazis: National Socialist German Worker’s Party
  • Germans resented the treaty of Versailles as it blamed Germany for WW1 & left them with heavy costs
gov t policies chart
Gov’t Policies Chart!
  • You’ll be given a chart & a short reading
  • You’ll need to keep both for later 
  • Fill in the chart IN DETAIL based on your findings
  • Bullets are fine!
  • The “LEADER” for Japan’s box: Emperor Hirohito