how to became fit from fat n.
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How to Became Fit from Fat

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How to Became Fit from Fat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Obesity is when your body has too much fat and at that time your body will be termed as the unfit body. Accumulation of excessive body fat is known as Obesity.

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how to became fit from fat

How to Became Fit from Fat

Obesity is when your body has too much fat and at that time your body will be termed as unfit

body. Accumulation of excessive body fat is known as Obesity.

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More than half of the population in the world are overweight or obese? Obesity is a condition

of excess fat. It can affect any person from young children to older adults. It is mainly caused

when the intake of the calories exceeds the requirements of the calories in the body. In simple

words, when one tends to eat more than the body requirements then those extra fat starts

depositing in the body tissues giving rise to obesity.

Effects of obesity

Increased risk for many serious diseases and health conditions, including the Coronary heart

disease and stroke. High blood pressure is the leading cause of strokes. As, excess weight

increases your chances of developing other problems linked to strokes, including high

cholesterol, high blood sugar, and heart disease.

one of the best ways to approach

One of the best ways to approach is to try something that you enjoy. You are far more likely to

stick with something if you like what you are doing, even when it’s challenging.

Here are activities you might try to ease into a regular fitness routine.


Walking, it’s a low impact exercise that you can do nearly anywhere inside or out. For obese

people, walking may be difficult. But it’s doable with assistance. Even walking slowly will burn

additional calories when you are carrying extra work, because you are exerting more energy to

move your body.

Water Aerobics

Water Aerobics helps to support your body weight, which makes you feel lighter. It also reduces

the impact on your joints, which means that the pain you might feel in your hips or knees from

moving on land is virtually nonexistent when you stand in the water.

Stationary Bike

The seated, stationary bike also known as the recumbent bike has a backrest that makes it a

good choice for obese people. Some obese people lack a strong abdominal core, which makes it

difficult to sit on an upright stationary bike. Seated bikes are also less stressful on the lower

spine, which is common complaint for people extra weight.

Exercise Ball

Many people think they may be too big for an exercise ball, but if you are overweight, then you

can still safely use an exercise ball for exercise. Just double check the specifications of the ball

you buy to check the weight limits and make sure it is an anti burst ball. An exercise ball can

help you work on balance, stability and core strength.

Focus on what you are capable of doing today and don’t become discourage by focusing on

what you can’t yet do. As, your fitness improves, you will be pleasantly surprised at the new

options that come up for exercise you find enjoyable and challenging.

So, it’s time to Get, Set, Sweat.

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