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Weight Benching; The Foundtion Of Strength Training

Maintaining certain level of fitness helps lead life more comfortably. Although this is achieved through putting in efforts in workouts, in the long run it is worth it. Read more.

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Weight Benching; The Foundtion Of Strength Training

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  1. Blog 3: FitnessScape.com WEIGHT BENCHING; THE FOUNDTION OF STRENGTH TRAINING? FitnessScape offers Quality Weight Benches for Personal and/or Professional Weight Lifting. Bench Presses are a Foundation for any Strength Training Program. Bench Pressing gives more bang for your buck forcing Pectorals, Deltoids, Lats, Triceps, Forearms and Bicep Tendons to work in unison. Work with Heavy Weights on these major muscle groups. Use exercises such as: Rows to Exercises Lats - think of Barbell Rows as a "Reverse Bench Press"; this trains the back in the same plane as the bench press, build Deltoids Strength with Military Presses, and go especially heavy on triceps Triceps and your bench will improve. Dumbbells offer superior real world Functional Strength. Dumbbell Bench Pressing allows a greater Range of Motion and contorting them utilizes more Stabilizing Muscle Structures. Flat, Incline, Decline Adjustable Benches allow using Dumbbells to blast the Chest from every Possible Angle making it a Brutally Effective Pectoral Workout. EMG Studies show that Decline Dumbbell Benching stimulates more Nerve Fibers than any other Chest Exercise. FitnessScape.com Weight Benches are constructed of Industrial Grade Heavy Duty Steel many with a Commercial Gym Rating with over a 1000 lb. Weight Capacity; suitable for the most Advanced Lifters!

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