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All About Kettler Rowing Machines

Kettler is one such company that has eternally stamped its presence in the industry of gymming and fitness. It has set its own standards when it comes to manufacturing the highest quality rowing machines for fitness use. Read more.

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All About Kettler Rowing Machines

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  1. Blog 2: FitnessScape.com ALL ABOUT KETTLER ROWING MACHINES When it comes to Endurance and Stamina it's hard to beat a Rigorous Rowing Machine Workout. Rowers are outstanding for an Overall Body Toning Cardiovascular Workout. Rowers utilize more Muscles Groups than any other Aerobic Exercise Machine: the Back, Lats, Biceps, Triceps, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Calves and Forearms are just some of the Muscles employed simultaneously to create a Fat Burning Furnace! FitnessScape features Kettler Rowing Machines made with World Renowned German Standards of Quality. The Kettler Coach E Rowing Machine uses a non-wearing Patented Induction Electro-Magnetic-Braking System which works on the principal that the Greater the Energy in the Drive Stroke, the Resistance Automatically Matches the Force providing a realistic, accurate interpretation of Actual Rowing on the Water. The Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine is the undisputed gold standard of Piston Rowing Machines! The Kettler Kadett Rower Machine’s Outrigger design Replicates the Natural Elliptical Arc of a True Rowing Motion and works a more comprehensive set of upper-body muscles, making the Kadett the very best and most Complete Workout available in a Compact Rowing Machine. If you think you can’t afford a Legendary Quality Kettler Rowing Machine; THINK AGAIN! The Kettler Rowing Machine Stroker can be loaded up to 130 kg. Kettler's Stroker includes all the quality features users expect from Kettler: Center Pull Oar, 8 Resistant Levels, 1:5 Transmission Ratio and smooth, constant Magnetic Resistance. The Stroker offers programs including an EKG accurate Chest Strap allowing users to set an Age-based Maximum Heart Rate. FitnessScape.com is a KETTLER® Authorized Dealer! Engineering Quality Exercise Equipment Since 1949 Kettler has grown from a small enterprise in Heinz Ense-Parsit Germany into a World-wide Leading Brand in Home Exercise Equipment; with sales in 60 countries and employing over 3000 people. Following World Renowned German Standards of Quality Kettler builds the Highest Quality Aerobic Conditioning Equipment Period.

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