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Droplet Fish Feed Crusher PowerPoint Presentation
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Droplet Fish Feed Crusher

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Droplet Fish Feed Crusher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Droplet Fish Feed Crusher

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  1. Fish Feed Machinery MAIN PRODUCTS: Fish Feed Pellet Line Wet Type Fish Feed Extruder Dry Type Fish Feed Extruder Fish Feed Mixer Droplet Fish Feed Crusher Fish Feed Hammer Mill Fish Feed Dryer Fish Feed Cooler Fish Feed Pellet Packaging Machine CONTACT INFOMATION: E-mail: Skype: fishfeedmachinery Whatsapp: 86-18613052662 Tel: 86-371-65950309 Web: Email:

  2. Keywords: fish feed crusher,petfeed crusher,feed crusher,feed grinding machine,fish feed crushing machine Droplet Fish Feed Crusher It is a crucial stage to crush the materials for making fish feed. The crushing process enlarges the surface area of the raw materials which can help to increase the solubility of the feed in digestive juice and promote the digestion of the animal. Meanwhile, the particle size of the materials will greatly influence the quality and complexity in later processing phase, such as granulation. As crushing process accounts for 50%-70% of the total power consumption in making compound powder feed, the crushing efficiency, to a large extent, determines the production cost. Investors take it as an important factor in valuing production cost, fish feed quality and price of the feed. Our droplet fish feed crusher is able to crush the raw materials of all granular animal feed, such as corn, sorghum, grains, legume, smashed cake, and other materials. It is specially designed to the fine grinding of cellulose materials, and those materials with high content of waster and oil. It is an irreplaceable fish feed machine in floating fish feed, sinking fish feed and pet feed making process. FishFeed Crusher Working Principles First, we put the raw materials into the crushing chamber through a feed hopper, and there are flailing hammers spinning quickly and close to a perforated screen. Then the broken materials are moved along the rotor outer-edge and go through a continuous collision and friction against hammer, toothed plate and sieve. Then the broken material is totally crushed. If the particle size is smaller than the holes on the screen after processing, feed powder can pass through the screen. Finally, the feed particles discharge to the fan, and products are blown through the cyclone and delivered into storage bags under the suction force of working fan. Web: Email: