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3 ways to motivate junior soccer players with n.
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3 Ways to Motivate Junior Soccer Players with Challenges PowerPoint Presentation
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3 Ways to Motivate Junior Soccer Players with Challenges

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3 Ways to Motivate Junior Soccer Players with Challenges
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3 Ways to Motivate Junior Soccer Players with Challenges

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  1. 3 Ways to Motivate Junior Soccer Players with Challenges Challenge is a necessary ingredient in anyone’s life, be it for an adult or a child. A powerful way to motivate yourself is by confronting a challenge. It brings out the best version of yourself which perhaps even you never knew about! For children, the case might be a bit different. Challenging young players means building confidence in a fun way. In Swindon, many youth soccer institutes emphasize on challenging the young players positively. Since they are just children aged 3-8 year olds, it should be remembered that they have just started with their football lessons and deserves to be in an environment that is devoid of stress or pressure. The young players should be able to grow and develop their skill sets in an entertaining way so that they derive an interest from the game. Once they have this interest within them, they will have the self-urge to play more and more! So how will you challenge young players to grow and improve themselves while learning soccer lessons?

  2. 1. Make sure you are supportive - As a coach, your observation and comments matter a lot to your players. They see you as their pillar of confidence and wants you to appreciate their moves. So it is important to uphold a picture of good sportsmanship by acknowledging the opponent team’s good moves and also appreciating your player’s hard work, especially if they had an unbelievable win when they were almost going to lose! Also, if your young players aren’t able to put up a worthy performance, don’t just express your anger but instead positively encourage them for the next time. This way, the players’ confidence level will be boosted and will have the self-urge to improve on their own. 2. Players of every skill level is to be included - A team is going to have players of all kinds- good, medium, best. Having the best players always in the front line or starting the game with them should not be the case always. You can rotate the players and not just have backups. In this way players of all skill levels will get the opportunity to face challenges and learn from it. Imparting only sessions on Junior Football Training in Swindon or telling your players what to do or not to do in certain situations and actually placing your players physically in such a situation, is altogether a different experience. It challenges the player to abandon their comfort zone, learn and work to grow. 3. Include fun homework to challenge players - Doing homework is strictly disliked by children and so giving homeworks in a plain and simple way, can be annoying for them. Chances are there they might not do it and turn up for their next football training in Swindon. Simultaneously, you know where the young players need improvement and giving homeworks is the only way to encourage them to learn. So use some innovative tricks that will improve their skills like ask them to play catch at home and if they can’t find anyone to play with, they can throw the ball up in the air and catch; the players can also race with their friends and pets to increase their speed and lastly, the players can practice catching the ball with one hand that will help to improve hand control. Encouraging the players to learn and grow in a positive way, has far-reaching effects. There might not be any immediate improvement but it will definitely motivate and encourage the young players for a brighter future. The next time you teach soccer lessons to the youth in Swindon, remember to believe in ‘slow and steady sometimes indeed wins the race!’ You can read the full content here : https://firststepssoccer.wordpress.com/2019/03/06/3-ways-to- motivate-junior-soccer-players-with-challenges/ Have any doubt left? Get in touch with First Step Soccer today! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Steps Soccer Wiltshire Address:Nova Hreod Academy, Akers Way, Swindon, United Kingdom, SN2 2NQ

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