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Lord of the Rings At The Commons PowerPoint Presentation
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Lord of the Rings At The Commons

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Lord of the Rings At The Commons - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lord of the Rings At The Commons
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Presentation Transcript

  1. Lord of the Rings At The Commons Hey guys! Frodo and his friends have decided to stop by for some fun at the Commons! And it’s your job to help them out!!

  2. Question 1: Frodo Baggins has decided to come to the Commons! He comes to the desk and tells you that he needs to send an email to Samwise about an upcoming fiesta! What do you do? You hook it up with a Labnet Account! You set him up with a Guest Account with unlimited access because hey, it’s Frodo Baggins! He’s like an honorary MUN student!..sorta. You set him right up with a Webcat Account so he can have internet access even though he’s not a student. You tell him that you can’t help him because the library is only for MUN students, and direct him to a nearby Public Library.

  3. Oops!! Sorry, we can’t do that silly! It would be totally awesome if Frodo went to school at Mun!! But unfortunetly he doesn’t Labnet account for you today Mr. Baggins.

  4. Although it would be nice, we can only set up people with guest accounts who have some type of affiliation. Sometimes people will come in with temp. library cards, a lot of times from high schools or other universities. We can set those people up with Guest Accounts, but not the general public. Sorry Frodo!

  5. Yes!! Good job!! We can always set up a Webcat account for clients that aren’t associated with the University. He’s so happy! Way to go!!

  6. No!!! Don’t send Mr. Frodo away! He can email Sam! We can absolutely help the general public! Set him up with a Webcat account and he’s all set!

  7. Question 2: Oh no!! A mountain troll has come crashing through the Commons! What do you do?! Calmly go up to him and tell him that if he continues to be loud and disruptive, that you will have to ask him to leave. Hit the panic button. Run away! Every man for himself!! Have you SEEN the damage these guys can do?! Fight back! Stand your ground! Whether it’s a client or a mountain troll you can take them! You just gotta show em whose boss!

  8. If a person, or..troll, is already out of control, it might be too late to ask them to politely calm down. Especially in a case where you feel threatened, it’s best to press the panic button and take other safety precautions to get yourself out if necessary.

  9. Yes. Hit the panic button in any situation where you feel threatened. Take other safety precautions to get yourself out if necessary. It’s always better safe than sorry, especially when you’re talking about mountain trolls!!

  10. Don’t abandon the situation! As tempting as it is sometimes to walk away from some situations, you must always deal with them the proper way. Hit the panic button when you feel threatened or that something is out of your control.

  11. It isn’t our job to stand up to clients or customers and feed the fire. We have to be professional and keep ourselves and others safe!! Besides, I don’t think you’d win a fight with a mountain may not always have mithril to protect you!!

  12. Question 3: Gollum has made his way into the library and is sitting at a nearby computer. He seems to be keeping to himself except sometimes he starts talking to himself. You think he’s saying “My precious.”? You can’t say for sure, but your co-worker comes over and starts mocking him. What do you do? Start mocking him too. “My preciousssssss.” Haha, why does he sound so funny? Go over and ask some of the other clients what they think. You can all bond and gossip about how weird he is. But it’s okay! Because you’re making friends. Tell them its not nice to talk about co-workers or customers behind their backs. Its unprofessional. Try and see the good in everyone. Besides, they don’t know what its like to live by yourself in a cave for 500 years. Post about it on the forum so everyone can get in on the fun.

  13. Come on guys!! Don’t be so mean!! It’s not to make fun of people! Poor Gollum.

  14. It is never okay to talk about a client in a mean or mocking way, especially not with other customers!! Not only is it unprofessional but it creates a negative environment. People feel self conscious and uncomfortable. And its not a good bonding experience, nor a productive way to make friends! We are supposed to be bonding with our customers by providing a positive experience for them!!

  15. Good idea!! You can always find the good in people!! Don’t forget to be polite when consulting to co-workers!!

  16. Guysss!!! No, no, nooo!!! Don’t have secret chit chats about clients over the forums! That’s almost worse!! Unless there is a client with legitimate issues that are of concern, that are being shared with co-workers, the internet, forums, fb, no place is appropriate to be hating on clients!! Don’t feed the negative energy! I’m not listening.

  17. Question 4: Your sitting at the desk, and you start to hear a ruckus. You look over and you see Legolas an Gimli, arguing as per usual. They’re getting pretty heated up.. how do you go about handling this? Calmly go over to them and tell them if they continue to be loud and disruptive you will have to ask them to leave. Alert a supervisor of the problem and if things persist call CEP. We need to create a positive atmosphere for our customers. Try and listen in on the argument a bit to see whose side your on. Then go over there and give your opinion. (“No one trust an Elf!”) Ignore them. Hopefully Legolas wont pull out his bow or Gimli his axe..don’twanna cause any damage to those Labnets.. Run. Best to get outta there before things start getting out of hand.

  18. Absolutely right! If there are clients in the commons who are making the atmosphere uncomfortable or hostile in any way, it is our job to politely and carefully handle these situations by explaining our policies and code of conduct. Always let a superior know if the problem escalates or you feel like it is getting beyond your control. CEP is also always there for situations that need a little extra reinforcement

  19. It is never okay to get in on an argument between two clients!! Even if you don’t trust elves! We have to maintain our professionalism and stay neutral in high tension situations!

  20. Don’t ignore problems! It is our job to address these types of situations if they have gotten to a point where people are uncomfortable or if we believe they will soon become dangerous!

  21. Again, never abandon a situation!!

  22. Question 5: Gandalf has come up to the desk, he seems a little nervous about asking for your help. He says he’s embarrassed but he’s just a little older and all this fancy technology has him stumped! He’s wondering if you can give him a few pointers, with Microsoft Word, or PowerPoint. What do you do? Tell him your sorry, but maybe he should try sticking to magic. He’s good at that. “Let me Google that for you.” Tell him that you will help him but only this once! You can’t be expected to keep helping over and over again. You have challenges to do! Get out from behind the desk! Go over and sit with him for a moment or two and walk him through some basic steps and procedures. If it’s slow at the Desk, take a bit of extra time to really show you care and want to help. If you are busy, let him know that if he gets stuck with something or starts to feel confused again, that you are only a step away. And don’t be afraid to advertise our awesome tutors!!

  23. Try not to belittle customers. It’s hard enough sometimes to ask for help. And try to be positive! Tell them you are there to help! And maybe you’re right, Gandalf is pretty good at magic, but there’s no reason why he can’t be good at computer technologies too!

  24. Come on guys..I’m not even going to begin with why this isn’t the right answer! (Although you could suggest using Google for future troubleshooting issues if they want to figure things out on their own)

  25. Our customers are our first priority!! Yes we all want to get our challenges done but never make a customer feel like they are second priority or that they are bothering you. We want to make them feel as welcome as possible!

  26. Always always always take the opportunities to get out from behind the desk!! Take the time with customers to help make them feel comfortable and that you are happy to help them. Make them your number one priority and go the extra mile for them!! And I don’t know about you guys, but sometimes taking the extra time and just getting to know the clients even a little bit, have them share a story with you or even making them smile is what makes the job worthwhile. It’s not just Gandalf who we should be excited to help!! It should be everyone!!

  27. Lord of the Rings At The Commons Hope you guys liked it!!!