by fahed walyd sanchez underwood n.
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The lord of the rings

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By : Fahed Walyd Sanchez Underwood. The lord of the rings. The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) The Two Towers (2002) The Return of the King (2003). This film have 3 movies :. The British writer J. R. R. Tolkien

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by fahed walyd sanchez underwood


The lord of therings

this film have 3 movies

The Fellowship of the Ring (2001)

TheTwoTowers (2002)

The Return of the King (2003)

This film have 3 movies:

The British writer J. R. R. Tolkien

Three movies were written, produced and directed by Peter Jackson, co-written by Fran Walsh and PhilippaBoyens

With a global collection of any more than 2900 million dollars.

The complete project never took 8 years, with the filming of three movies simultaneously and rolled in New Zealand

critiques and prizes

They won 17 prizesoscar

  • The Fellowship of the Ring— Nominations: 13, prizes: 4
  • TheTwoTowers— Nominations: 6, Prizes: 2
  • The Return of the King— Nominations: 11, Prizes: 11
  • They got good critiques for the special digital effects and the distribution
Critiques and prizes

The three movies Frodo Bolsón continues as the young man hobbit and companions embark in an adventure to destroy the Uniqueb Ring and to assure this way the destruction of the Dark Gentleman, Sauron. Nevertheless, this community breaks and Frodo continues his adventure together with his faithful companion Sam and the treacherous Gollum. On the other hand, the magician Gandalf and Aragorn, inheritor in the exile of Gondor's throne, join and lead the free peoples of the Average Earth during several battles against the forces of the evil. Finally, the magician Saruman is conquered, the destroyed Ring and Sauronand his forces are defeated.


Elijah Wood: Frodo Bolsón

  • Sean Astin: SamsagazGamyi
  • ViggoMortensen :Aragorn
  • IanMcKellen: Gandalf
  • Orlando Bloom: LegolasHojaverde
  • John Rhys-Davies: Gimli
  • Andy Serkis: Sméagol and Gollum
  • Sala Baker: Sauron
specialy effects

Thefirtsmovie540 effects

Thesecond 799 effects

Thethird 1488


Howard Shorehe wrotetheletter of theprincipalsmusic of thetrilogy.

Thelastsong oh thethird films is «IntotheWest