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The Civil War

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The Civil War. Chapter 10- Section 4 “Lincoln, Secession, and War”. QOTD. Who were the four candidates for President in 1860?. Lingering Issues in America. John Brown’s raid Kansas Loss of confidence in Supreme Court Fugitive Slave Act. Jefferson Davis. Senator from Mississippi

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the civil war

The Civil War

Chapter 10- Section 4

“Lincoln, Secession, and War”

  • Who were the four candidates for President in 1860?
lingering issues in america
Lingering Issues in America
  • John Brown’s raid
  • Kansas
  • Loss of confidence in Supreme Court
  • Fugitive Slave Act
jefferson davis
Jefferson Davis
  • Senator from Mississippi
  • 1860- attempted to pass resolution to restrict federal control over slavery
election of 1860 democrats
Election of 1860- Democrats
  • Democrats meet in Charleston, NC
  • Argued over slavery question
  • Party splits in half
election of 1860
Election of 1860
  • Northern Dem- Stephen Douglas (Pop. Sovereignty)
  • Southern Dem- John Breckinridge (spread slavery to territories
election of 1860 constitutional union
Election of 1860- Constitutional Union
  • Whigs and Know-Nothings form Constitutional Union Party
  • Nominate John Bell
  • Defend the Union of States
  • Gov’t should support slavery
election of 1860 republicans
Election of 1860- Republicans
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Moderate- no interference with slavery in existing states
  • But, slavery should not exist in new territories
lincoln wins the election
Lincoln wins the election
  • 40% pop. Vote, 60% electoral vote
  • Breckinridge was favorite in South (cotton states)
effects of the election
Effects of the Election
  • National political parties no longer exist
  • Political parties divided America into sections
  • North and South are separate political entities
effects of the election1
Effects of the election
  • South- outraged that Lincoln was elected with no southern votes
  • Felt they had no voice in gov’t
the union collapses
The Union Collapses
  • South Carolina secedes first
  • Cited that Lincoln’s views were hostile to slavery
  • 6 states follow in the coming weeks
the union collapses1
The Union Collapses
  • Southern States felt they had to secede in order to preserve their property and way of life
the confederacy is formed
The Confederacy is formed
  • 7 seceding states form the Confederate States of America
  • Constitution closely resembled the US one
  • Protected slavery, no new slaves from other countries
the crittenden compromise
The Crittenden Compromise
  • Final effort to come back together
  • Allow slavery in western territories south of the Missouri Compromise line
  • Federal funds to reimburse slaveholders for unreturned fugitives
the union falls apart
The Union Falls Apart
  • James Buchanan- “no authority to prevent secession”
  • Secret peace conference in D.C. fails
  • Delegates from the North and South
lincoln takes office
Lincoln takes office
  • Inaugural Address- says he will not stop slavery where it exists
  • Would preserve the Union
  • “No state can lawfully leave the Union”
  • No war unless South began it
fort sumter
Fort Sumter
  • Southern states seized forts and arsenals
  • Fort Sumter guarded Charleston, SC harbor
  • Buchanan sent supply ship, turned back when Confederates fired
the civil war begins
The Civil War Begins
  • Lincoln takes office
  • decides to resupply the fort again
  • SC suspicious, demand Union troops surrender the fort
the civil war begins1
The Civil War Begins
  • Union refuses, Confederates fire
  • Lincoln calls for 75,000 volunteers
  • Both sides believed this would be a short conflict