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Saving the moon bear

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Saving the moon bear. Why they need to be saved.

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why they need to be saved
Why they need to be saved

Moon bears need to be saved because the moon bears are kept in cages with space that is very minimal and they are kept to use and harvest there Bile as medication and bile is a liquid from vertebratesand its made of 85% water,10%bile salts,3% mucus and Pigments,1% fat and 0.7 % organic salts and are mostly found in in the liver

And the bile is also keeping the bear dehydrated and since its being used they get sick and possibly Die!. and some times the bear farmers use drugs and deadly chemicals just to keep them alive!!!. And the bears are treated like if they were garbage and since they are treated this way they can get multiple diseases.


Some people think the bile is a very strong medicine but no the bile medication is dangerous because when the bear bile is being sucked out or harvested while that’s happening some of the blood gets in the bile and in the blood can be the chemicals of the drugs and the and diseases. the medication is poor because there are other natural medicines that are more affective and just as affective.

the moon bears
The moon bears

these bears are Kept in the cages all most there whole lives so they can’t live in the wild after losing there survival skills. These bears can be very playful to at times though. They do eat some substance of omnivores like vegetables, insects, fruit, nuts ...the cages for the moon bears are a size minimal to there size which causes injuries and bad cases like: limbs lost, tooth loss, blindness, no hair growth and possibly more and when they are being captured the traps crush there bones

proof of moon bears being playful part 2
Proof of moon bears being playful part 2



As you can see not many moon bears have been rescued and not a lot of countries or people but they did progress but this is only the start


!!! IHopeYouEnjoyed !!!


!!! WillAlsoHelpSaveThe !!!

Moon Bears

  • What is bile mostly made of


b.bile salt


A is correct

2.What is the closest answer to how many moon bears are kept in bear farms




900 is the answer.

quiz pt 2
Quiz pt. 2

3.How do you know a bear is a moon bear

a.They are cool

b.They live in the mountains

c.They have a kind of moon shape on their chest

C is the answer

Where in the world are bear farms.

1.America and canada

2.China and vietnam or asia

3.Singapore and africa

China,vietnam or asia is the answer


To help us save the moon bears you can spread this encourage people to support saving the moon bears by saying: don’t use bear bile use natural products kind of medicine or go to other people or you can check to help support the group.