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ND Vision

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ND Vision
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  1. ND Vision June 17-21, 2013

  2. What is ND Vision? • Summer conference for high school students. • It has both conference and retreat elements

  3. Vision invites the students into a college environment where the levels of responsibility and personal investment are higher than are typically the case in a high school setting

  4. Spiritually and personally, students coming to Vision would do well to allow Christ to ask them the question he asked his first disciples in John's Gospel: "What are you looking for?"

  5. In a sense, this is the only question we ask the students the entire time they are at Vision. • God is calling so “How will you answer?” • ND Vision promotional video: ALIVE

  6. What does Prep Campus Ministry ask of our students when they return? • Get involved • - Student Board (Monday afternoons) • - Retreats • - Liturgies • - Service

  7. One way of considering others' response to this question is for the students and parents to take a look at our blog--Full of Grace--to see some ways in which former Vision Mentors have come to understand Christ's question and the response of faith to grace in their own lives.

  8. Travel • This year more than likely by Coach Bus. Travel difficulties over the last 2 years have pushed us in this direction. If we do take bus we will leave at night on June 16 and return early morning on June 22. Bus would allow us to take a group of 40-45 students and we get door to door service. • I am still researching travel options and will be in touch after break regarding final decision.

  9. If interested: • Fill out “Group” application and return to Mr. Gualtiere with a $100 deposit (checks should be made out to ND Vision) • Write a response to the questions: Why do I want to go to ND Vision? What am I hoping to gain from this experience?