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Integration of Course Work and Field

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Integration of Course Work and Field - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integration of Course Work and Field. Anwar Najor-Durack, Director of Field Ed., Wayne State University Martha Waite, Associate Chief, Site Manager, Supervisor VA GLAHS Sepulveda Ambulatory Care & Community Living Center, CA. Field Work. The Signature Pedagogy Models of Field Work

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Integration of Course Work and Field

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integration of course work and field
Integration of Course Work and Field

Anwar Najor-Durack, Director of Field Ed.,

Wayne State University

Martha Waite, Associate Chief,

Site Manager, Supervisor

VA GLAHS Sepulveda Ambulatory Care &

Community Living Center, CA

field work
www.socialworkleadership.orgField Work
  • The Signature Pedagogy
  • Models of Field Work
    • Concurrent with coursework
    • Block placements toward end of program
    • Part time students
  • Field Placement Assignments
    • Micro, mezzo and macro focus
    • Required hours
oversee implementation of hppae

Oversee implementation of HPPAE

Review applications for HPPAE participants

Field Instructors volunteer a full day to visit campus and interview students for selection

Participate in one or two day training during the summer to assist in preparing HPPAE students for fall placement

Participate in semester meetings to support students through transition for following semester assignments

recruitment and retention of hppae students

Recruitment and Retention of HPPAE Students

Agency Partners participated in panel presentation for “Careers in Aging Week” event to publicize HPPAE and social work careers in aging

Willingness to talk/meet with prospective students

Provide Field Instructors to facilitate the professional and personal development of social workers interested in working with older adults

evaluate the programs effectiveness and revise as needed
Evaluate the programs effectiveness and revise as needed
  • Field Instructors and students provide feedback at each end of term meeting
  • Field Instructors and students complete a written evaluation at end of each year
  • End of year meeting used to discuss possible program changes – (ex. Rotation models restructured)
role of field instructor
www.socialworkleadership.orgRole of Field Instructor
  • HPPAE champion!
  • Assists in recruiting students
  • Designing field practicum assignments
    • Orientation to field placement
    • Communicating with other departments/programs
    • Continuum of care
    • Supervision: Field Instructor & Task Supervisor
    • Evaluation
university community partnerships
www.socialworkleadership.orgUniversity-Community Partnerships
  • Field Instructor involvement at outset of HPPAE
  • Hosting meetings on campus and at partner agencies
  • Field Instructors assisting with training of new students
  • Field Instructors sharing in ideas for sustaining program (and stipends)
benefits of our university community partnership
Benefits of our University-Community Partnership
  • Strengthening overall partnership – they know us better and we see each other at least four times each year!
  • Field Instructors and faculty contacts –
    • CE Instructor
    • EBP workshop for agency by faculty
rotation models
www.socialworkleadership.orgRotation Models
  • Inter-agency
    • Orientation to agency needed prior to field start
    • Organization of field assignment
    • Fast paced
  • Intra-agency
    • Requires coordination within agency
    • Communication with field instructors and Task Supervisors
cultivate and garner resources to keep the program running
Cultivate and garner resources to keep the program running
  • Partner with the WSUSSW Center for Social Work Practice and Policy Research for exploration of external funding sources
  • FIs working within their agencies to support stipends for future participants
    • VA and Foundation stipends
  • List serve used to share information on workshops, free services and other training for students and FIs
university community partnerships geriatric social work education consortium
www.socialworkleadership.orgUniversity-Community Partnerships:Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium


Alzheimer's Association USC

Motion Picture Television Fund Cal State Dominguez Hills

Huntington Memorial Hospital Cal State Long Beach

Senior Care Network Cal State Los Angeles

Jewish Family Service Cal State Northridge



University-Community Partnerships:

The GSWEC Model Across the Continuum of Care

Aspects of the Service Spectrum

Caregiver Support Services

Independent and Assisted Living

Centers of Excellence (CoE)

Adult Day Services

Mental Health Services

Motion Picture & Television Fund

Alzheimer’s Association

Graduate Social Work Programs

Acute Care Hospital

VA of Greater LA Healthcare System

Outpatient Geriatric Assessment Programs




Jewish Family & Children’s Service




Jewish Family Service

Home Health Care


Hospital-Based Geriatric Case Management

SCAN Health Plan

Huntington Senior Care Network / Pacific Clinics / Partners in Care Foundation


Other Supportive Services for Older Adults

Skilled Nursing Facility

Community-based Geriatric Case Management

Primary Experience


Center of Excellence

Group Didactics

Complementary Experience at Associate Site


competency based education
www.socialworkleadership.orgCompetency Based Education
  • Practice & Intervention
  • Theory & Knowledge
  • Programs and Policies
  • Evaluation and ReseaRCH
competency based application
www.socialworkleadership.orgCompetency Based Application
  • Pre-Test defines areas of strengths and opportunity
  • Action plan defines specific areas of development
  • Field placement operationalizes the competencies
  • Group supervision provides didactic and

collaborative practice, case presentations

with interactive discussion

field rotations
www.socialworkleadership.orgField Rotations

GSWECSepulveda Campus

● Adult Day Health Care ● Geriatric Medicine Clinic-PACT Teamlet

● Geropsychiatry ● Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) ●Community Residential Care

  • Community Living Center
  • PACT Teamlets in Primary Care and Womens’ Health
  • Mental Health Integration Recovery Treatment

GSWEC West Los Angeles Campus

● Geriatric Evaluation and Management Unit (GEM) ●Geropsychiatry & Neurobehavior ● Home Based Primary Care ● Community Living Center

●Homeless Per Diem Program with Older Adults ● Palliative Care

GRECC involvement in Educational, Program Development, Evaluation activities including didactics and research/program, development for the macro projects

elevated field emphasis
www.socialworkleadership.orgElevated Field Emphasis
  • GSWEC Field Instructors demonstrate and offer opportunities where competence meets practice
  • Focus in GSWEC is Field experience and gero-rich application
  • University serves to complement the field
  • Didactic quarterly programs for all GSWEC Students at different field sites
targeted student recruitment
www.socialworkleadership.orgTargeted Student Recruitment

8 Step Process:

  • School Liaisons discuss GSWEC with first year students
  • Field Representatives from GSWEC meet with students on campus
  • Open House in March outlines opportunities at each Center of Excellence (last year topped 90 attendees); current GSWEC students describe their experience
  • VA Open House with presentations from different programs, GRECC and different field sites
  • Students sign up for interviews
  • Field Instructors select top 3 candidates
  • Students select top 3 placements
  • Match meeting with all schools, centers of excellence
gswec sustainability
www.socialworkleadership.orgGSWEC Sustainability

GSWEC VA Student Graduates: 107

GSWEC VA Hires: 46

GSWEC Students Accomplishments:

99 Candidates last year at VA

Continued support and development of Steering Committee: (9 Centers of Excellence, 7 University Social Work Graduate Programs)


Macro projects examples include:

  • The Impact of a Brain Training Group on the Cognitive Functioning and Coping Skills of Veterans in a VA Outpatient Substance Abuse Clinic
  • LGBT Older Adult Health: Improving Health Disparities
  • Gerontological Social Work: Psychosocial Considerations
  • Quick References and Tip Sheet For Older Adults in Independent Living
  • Geriatric Social Work: What We Really Do
  • Interprofessional Teamwork
  • Cajon term meaning: Surprise!
  • Something extra a team offers
  • Don’t forget to have fun on your team!