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  1. Tourism

  2. Introduction Hong Kong's 18 districts are full of exciting events and attractions, colour and fun, which are sure to excite visitors. Whether it is one of our fantastic museums, great restaurants or spectacular festivals, Hong Kong is sure to offer great times.

  3. The Peak Tower Hong Kong is rightly famed all over the world for the stunning views from Victoria Peak - a sight that never fails to amaze visitors as they behold the almost unbelievable panorama virtually stretching as far as he eye can see. Neatly bisecting the near and far land masses is Victoria Harbour, its waters constantly being traversed by all manner of craft ranging from stately passenger liners and plodding freighters to sprightly Star Ferries and darting jetfoils.

  4. Lan Kwai Fong A cheerful warren of Western-style restaurants, nightclubs, delicatessens and bars, Lan Kwai Fong is an L-shaped, cobble-stoned lane just a stone's throw above Central's cluster of skyscrapers. Nearby lanes are also buzzing with bistros and pubs in what is Hong Kong's trendiest nightlife area.

  5. Tin Hau Temple All those who owe their livelihood to the sea praise Tin Hau, the Goddess of the Sea. There is a special tour that provides a visit to the Tin Hau Temple and other tours organised during the festival period.

  6. Chinese New Year Flower Market The sight of excited families trundling down the road with a huge bundle of pink-blossomed peonies, or carrying an orange tree or a bunch of pussy willows or some other blossoms to decorate their home is a sure sign that its Chinese New Year in Hong Kong.

  7. The Big Buddha Few statues anywhere in the world have such a powerful pull on the imagination as the Big Buddha gazing serenely on the Po Lin (Precious Lotus) Monastery from its hillside site at Ngong Ping on Lantau Island. The eyes, lips, incline of the head and even the right hand raised to deliver a blessing to all, combine to lend great depth of character and dignity to this extraordinary statue, whose very glance brings calm and introspection to those who look into those seemingly all-seeing eyes.

  8. The Life Guard Club's terraces are noteworthy for a pair of large statues of two goddesses, Kwun Yum and Tin Hau. Above the beach, the reconstructed The Repulse Bay is a picturesque example of early 20th-Century colonial architecture. Repulse Bay The large, sandy beach has been extended recently and there are many facilities for beachgoers and day-trippers, including shops, restaurants and bars.

  9. Hong Kong's museums showcase fascinating displays of Chinese art and antiquities as well as featuring Hong Kong's history, coastal defences, film industry, space, science, medicine, the police, correctional services and much more. Visitors can now buy a Museum Pass* at HK$30 to visit the following six museums for a whole week.

  10. ~Here are some museums in Hong Kong~ Hong Kong Space Museum Hong Kong Museum of History Hong Kong science Museum

  11. Shopping in Harbour City The superb Harbour City is the area's largest and most famous mall. Its large shopping and entertainment complex, which includes Ocean Terminal, where visiting cruise liners berth. Ocean Terminal is a popular shopping centre with an open rooftop providing fine harbour views. A moving walkway glides northward to the China Hong Kong City, another shopping centre contained within the China Ferry Terminal complex. Further along, is Star House, where it's possible to pick up the most up- to-date computer equipment. The terminal buildings are connected to Kowloon Park by a pedestrian bridge.

  12. Dining~~Big Bowl Feast "Poon Choi" or "Big Bowl Feast" - a type of food served in wooden basins rather than traditional porcelain or metal - has become so popular that many people visit the New Territories specifically to try this age-old delicacy. The tradition dates back to the late Sung (or Song) Dynasty (AD1270s), when the Yuen army invaded China and the imperial family was forced to flee south to Hong Kong.

  13. ~Hong Kong is the best city !~ The End Kong Sin Tung 2A (7)