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Social Studies Professional Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Social Studies Professional Development

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Social Studies Professional Development

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Social Studies Professional Development

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  1. Family Portrait In teams of 4, create a family portrait of your group on a chart tablet that represents family traits (things in common), unique qualities, common values, and beliefs about the purpose of your jobs, what they enjoy doing. You can draw stick figures, use words, symbols, or be as artistic as you want. Social Studies Professional Development Daniel M. Reyes, Instructional Coach,

  2. Session Objectives • Review and experience the different Teacher Curriculum Institute’s methods of instruction. • Engage in lessons, tailored for the beginning of the school year, in each grade level.

  3. Vocabulary Activity: Give a Word, Get a Definition • walk around the room to find partners. The first student in each pair should share with their partner a vocabulary word from the graphic organizer. The partner should then give the definition/example of the term. • The first student will write down the definition and the partner will sign it. Then, the students trade roles. The students should exchange definitions or examples for the same word. • Once both students have a definition and signature, they should seek out new partners and complete another square on the graphic organizer.

  4. Warm Up: Motivations for European Exploration. • air-tight space suit, dehydrated food and flag. • In your interactive journal, explain why astronauts bring these items with them when traveling in space.

  5. Pick a Place • In your interactive notebook, complete the following sentence…. • A successful colony must have ______________ because _____________________.

  6. Reflections of Texas • Scavenger Hunt: Fill out the graphic organizer using the placards placed around the room.

  7. Warm Up Church Traditions Christenings Bar Mitzvahs Betrothals Quinceaneras Funerals Community Traditions Harvest Celebrations Dances Carnivals Fairs Daily Traditions Mealtime Leisure time Bedtime Now, consider the traditions, rituals celebrated in the twentieth century. What special days are still a part of most cultures? In your interactive notebook, what additional days could you add to the list? Choose one of these traditions and detail how you celebrate one of these traditions.

  8. OPTIC • Use OPTIC when working with visuals. • Overview:What do you see? Big picture? • Parts:What are the different aspects? • Title:What would be an appropriate title? • Interrelationships:How are the parts connected? • Conclusion:What does this document tell us about history?

  9. Writing about celebrations Fourth of July Because my dad is a farmer and July is harvest time, we are unable to have the traditional parties and barbecues that most people have. Instead, we all gather in the field where we are working. The thing that makes this evening unique is that we’ll stop and eat together. (For all field meals we eat in shifts so the equipment can stay running). Because we are working, we do not attend the parade in town, so we have our own informal parade at home. Right at dark we drive the equipment home in a long row in a parade as fireworks from the public display light up the sky. --Melissa Schubert

  10. Vocabulary Word Splash • Independently write a prediction paragraph using every term. • Meet with your group and write a group summary. • Share with the class. commemorate culture pioneer significance occasion traditions craft

  11. Celebrations Around the World

  12. Differentiation • Offering choices in assessment can be a way for students to display their knowledge