post implementation organization support
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Post-Implementation Organization & Support

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Post-Implementation Organization & Support - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Post-Implementation Organization & Support . Kashif Shamim BS(CS),MSC(MDCN). Session Objectives. An appreciation of issues that new customers and recent go-live projects will face with the long-term support and enhancement of their SAP systems

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post implementation organization support

Post-Implementation Organization & Support

Kashif Shamim


session objectives
Session Objectives
  • An appreciation of issues that new customers and recent go-live projects will face with the long-term support and enhancement of their SAP systems
  • An opportunity for established customers to share their experience
session topics
Session Topics
  • Why ongoing support is an issue
  • What a support team does
  • Considerations in organizing a team
  • Open audience discussion
why support is an issue institutional culture
Why Support is an Issue>Institutional Culture
  • ERP system is likely a new thing
  • The Business <> Technical relationship has changed

There is a NEW business role

why support is an issue go live psychology
Why Support is an Issue> Go-Live Psychology
  • The finish-line is system go-live
  • Management expectation of completion
  • User expectation of a finished product
why support is an issue we want our people back
Why Support is an Issue>“We want our people back!”
  • The ERP project was a short-term assignment
  • Many team members are drafted from your Business offices
  • They are also your best people for system support
why support is an issue money
Why Support is an Issue> Money
  • You budgeted for the maintenance agreement
  • Did you plan for the human side?
your challenge
Your Challenge>
  • Create a reality-based management perspective of system support
    • Identify what support teams do
    • Consider your institutional factors
    • Look at peer models
what support teams do maintenance tasks
What Support Teams Do> Maintenance Tasks
  • Major upgrades
  • Service packs
  • Problem solving
  • Security administration
  • Workflow administration
  • Archiving
what support teams do common business tasks
What Support Teams Do> Common Business Tasks
  • Support the business offices
  • Centralized processes
    • Tax reporting
    • Financial closing
    • Payroll
    • Payment runs
  • Data manipulation
    • Mass changes
    • Data loads
  • Ad-hoc report creation
what support teams do tend to the users
What Support Teams Do> Tend to the Users
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • Change Management & Communication
  • Internal Influence Channels
what support teams do continuous improvement
What Support Teams Do> Continuous Improvement
  • New initiatives and more SAP
  • Accountability to senior management
  • Priority setting - consensus building
  • Product evaluation and acquisition
  • Process redesign
  • License management
  • Define a priority setting process !
what support teams do stay smart
What Support Teams Do> Stay Smart
  • Networking
  • Project team training
  • Keeping up with SAP
  • Advocacy and Influence
  • CRM

(Consultant Relationship Management)

what support teams do marketing
What Support Teams Do> Marketing
  • Publicity & Promotion
  • Internal Marketing – Selling SAP
build a support team
Build a Support Team
  • Consider your organization
  • Build the right team structure
  • Find the right people
  • Create the right work environment
  • Create the right relationships
build a support team consider your organization
Build a Support Team>Consider your Organization
  • Single or multiple-campuses?
  • Administratively centralized?
  • One size does not fit all
build a support team the right team structure
Build a Support Team> The Right Team Structure
  • Define the Business > IT Relationship
  • Define subject-oriented business positions
  • Obtain executive sponsorship, write it down and make it official
  • Make the team “entity-independent”
build a support team entity independent
Build a Support Team>Entity-Independent?
  • Your implementation was “one for all”
  • Ongoing support works the same way
  • Look at the corporate “home office” model
build a support team find the right people
Build a Support Team>Find the Right People
  • Desired traits:
    • Knows SAP
    • Knows your institution
    • Knows your implementation
  • The perfect fit
    • Your implementation team member ?
  • View it as new position recruitment
find the right people can t they just do two jobs
Find the Right People>“Can’t They Just do Two Jobs?”
  • The inevitable compromise for “We want our people back”
  • The “old job” still needs to be done
  • The “new system” still needs support
  • Somehow the “old job” got done
  • The rest of your people just got better
build a support team the right work environment
Build a Support Team>The right work environment
  • System integration requires team integration
  • One team – one location
  • Keep the team visible
  • Become welcome and familiar faces in the business offices
build a support team the right relationships
Build a Support Team>The Right Relationships
  • Team Manager <> Executive Admin
  • Team Manager <> IT Manager
  • Team Members <> Team Members
  • Team Members <> IT Staff
  • Team Members <> Business Offices
  • Change Management <> End Users
closing thoughts
Closing Thoughts
  • Preserve your project momentum
  • Keep your key people
  • Find a way to do it
  • Some will question if you can afford it
  • Can you afford not to?
  • Questions