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Program Support Organization Chart PowerPoint Presentation
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Program Support Organization Chart

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Program Support Organization Chart - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Program Support Organization Chart

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  1. Program Support Organization Chart UK Policy Advisor Ms. Lisa Hole CONDO, MN coherence/coherence Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Program Support) Mr. Gary Motsek Deputy OCS Program Manager RDML Nick Kalathas Military Advisor CAPT Greg Stroh Chief of Staff duties SPOT Program ManagerLTC Richard Faulkner Program Management for SPOT-ES Executive Officer Vacant Program Management Support Director, OCS Training & Education Ms. Barbara Bishop (Alt: Ms. Anna Carter) DMRB, JLB+, OCS education and training Director, Operational Logistics Mr. John Klotsko (Alt: Mr. Kevin Doxey) Svcs Log Liaison, Op Log Materiel Spt to ops/transitions, Drawdown in Iraq/Afghan, USETTI, DSB POC Director, Operations Ms. Shanna Poole (Alt: Ms. Kerry Powell) SFA (SCRTF, GOSC), international, JCASO, COCOMs, interagency (DHS, DoS, USAID), CA oversight Director, Resource & Financial Management Ms. Rose Bartlett(Alt: Kerry Powell) DFAR, FAR, Joint handbooks, Financial management, Resource management, DPPG, CGA, PPBE Director, Capabilities Integration & Management Ms. Kerry Powell(Alt: Ms. Shanna Poole) CAM integration, CONOPS, CBA, ICD (Implementation/Roadmap), OCS JC Director, OCS Materiel Solutions Vacant(Ms. Barbara Bishop Acting) Tool Dev, GFMIG, APEX/JOPES systems, Strategic Analysis Director, Plans & Programs Ms. Anna Carter (Alt: Ms. Barb Bishop) OCS FCIB Sec & CoC Chair, COWC response Organization & personnel, SDOB, JPEC, APEX/JOPES, Web support Director, Contractors Standards Compliance Mr. Chris Mayer (Alt: Ms. Lisa Hole) Private security provider oversight and standards, Contractor personnel in contingencies, Human Rights (TIP) Director, Strategy & Performance Mr. Kevin Doxey(Alt: Mr. John Klotsko) Strategy (NSS, NDS, QDR, GEF, JSCP, JPEC), Measures (UJTLs), Communications, LL (IPLs), ESG, GAO POC Director, Policy & Reporting Ms. Lisa Hole (Alt: Mr. Chris Mayer) DODDs,DoDIs, DODMs, Business Rules, Doctrine alignment (JP 4-10), Congressional response (testimony,quarterly census) as of: 14 October 2011