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Big Idea : Making a Difference PowerPoint Presentation
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Big Idea : Making a Difference

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Big Idea : Making a Difference
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Big Idea : Making a Difference

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  1. Big Idea: Making a Difference

  2. Essential Question:Can 7th graders make a difference in their world?

  3. Challenge: What can I - a 7th grader - do to make a positive difference in someone’s life?

  4. Guiding Questions:What do you need to know about your solution/project?1. Doable for age? 2. Permissions? 3. Costs? 4. How easy? 5. Importance?6. How many people needed?7. Transportation?8. Where is my passion?9. Someone we know or someone we do not know?

  5. Guiding Resources:Where can you go to get information about implementing your solution/project?1. 2. 3.4. 5.

  6. Activity:In your group, brainstorm 3 or more possible and specific ways that a 7th grader can make a difference in someone’s life. Write down the 3 on notebook paper and vote on the best idea that you can all agree on. Sign paper. Make copies after you receive teacher approval.

  7. Must write down your solution (topic)and get teacher approval. No duplicates, so first to ask gets it.

  8. Prepare a group speech to persuade/convince your classmates that your idea is necessary and doable. It needs to be 2-4 minutes.This is a persuasive speech.

  9. Each member needs to do research to find out exactly the best way to achieve your solution. Return to your group with specific ideas WRITTEN DOWN.

  10. Practice your good social skills when working in your group. Remember how someof you wanted to learn how to get along better with others. Be encouraging and helpful. You will evaluate one another on your ability to work well together.

  11. When working in a group, remember to…compromise: win/wincooperate: no roadblockscollaborate: work for consensuscommit: full effortcommunicate: share ideasconsideration: care for others’ feelingscoexist: get along or ask for help

  12. Write the speech together. Divide the parts of the speech among yourselves when you present it to the class.Prepare note cards.1. Introduction2. 2 or 3 Main Ideas with lots of specific details3. Conclusion; call to action

  13. Your idea may be something to do at school or at home or in the community. Your idea does not actually have to be done as a class project, but inspire your classmates to WANT to do it themselves.

  14. Each group needs to complete a Project Management Log and turn it in.Friday: Vote on solution; plan solution; researchMonday: organize speech and divide into partsThursday: present solution to class

  15. Evaluation Speeches will be evaluated using a scoring guide/rubric. Is it doable for a 7th grader? Did we motivate my audience? Did we give enough information so that my classmates could do this? Did we use good delivery techniques? Were we passionate? Did we “hit” our time frame? Group effectiveness will be evaluated using a rubric based on the 7 C’s above.

  16. Publishing Presentations will be videotaped.