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Making a Difference PowerPoint Presentation
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Making a Difference

Making a Difference

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Making a Difference

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  1. Making a Difference through Advocacy Regulation Promotion Support

  2. Nearly finished your Social Work degree? Maybe you’re working in the field already? Looking forward to those first steps into an exciting career as a bonafide “Social Worker”?

  3. Then it’s time to look into registration with... the Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers

  4. The Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers (SASW)… • Has over 1400 members in Saskatchewan • Is a professional association with members in many fields of practice • Has 10 branch/interest groups established • Has ownership of the title “Social Worker” under The Social Workers Act (1995). Qualifying professionals can legally use the title once registered with SASW. • Is a regulatory body that strives to develop skills and competency among its members for the service and protection of the public

  5. The SASW is very active in the province. It continues to… • Promote the professional role of social workers • Advance the interests of social workers • Enhance the contributions of social workers to social justice • Advocate for improvement in social policies and programs directly affecting clients • Publish a provincial newsletter to keep members informed • Organize an educational conference every year. • Provide tangible benefits and services to its members and the public

  6. Why should you register with the SASW?

  7. There are many good reasons and member benefits, such as… • Public protection • Networking • Skill building through committee & branch work • Mentorship • Eligibility for liability insurance • Continuing education • Membership in CASW • A collective voice, and much more

  8. Registration with the SASW not only entitles the member to many practical benefits, but also provides opportunities to become involved in the ongoing development and promotion of the Social Work Profession in Saskatchewan.

  9. Advisory Board Council Professional Conduct Committee Discipline Committee Standards of Practice Committee Psychologists Act Task Team Public Relations Committee Student Award Committee Aboriginal Social Workers Task Team Health Services Committee Social Justice Committee Practice Ethics Committee Education Committee Newsletter Committee Mentorship Committee The SASW has several strategic committees actively working to enhance, promote, and strengthen the important work that Social Workers carry out every day in Saskatchewan.

  10. Once registered, members can also become involved in one of the existing branches where a range of activities and supports are available. Currently there are active branches in… • Swift Current • Yellowhead East • and the Battlefords Regina Saskatoon Prince Albert Northeast Branch

  11. Student membership in SASW also provides benefits such as… • The right to vote at the annual general meeting • The opportunity to become involved in the branches and committees of the association • Important networking opportunities to meet seasoned Social Workers from various backgrounds • Access to the supports of the practice ethics committee and mentorship program • The option for a free upgrade to a regular membership following convocation.

  12. Whether or not to register… This question demands an understanding of what it means to be a Professional.

  13. A “Profession” is a cohesive and autonomous body of trained persons. These persons… • Perform work for the benefit of the public • Have and apply specialized knowledge • Develop this knowledge through education, research and practice experience • Exercise discretionary judgement on behalf of a client • Strive to use this discretion to protect clients who may not be able to protect themselves

  14. The SASW aspires to a Saskatchewan where: • The profession is regarded by the public as an important contributor to human and social well-being • All social workers are supported in their practice • Social policies reflect the values and principles of social justice • All social work practiced in the province is accountable through regulation

  15. For more information visit… or contact: Saskatchewan Association of Social Workers 2110 Lorne Street Regina, Sask. S4P 2M5 Regina : (306) 545-1922 Toll Free : 1-877-517-7279