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  1. TOP LOGO DESIGN MISTAKES AND HOW TO AVOID THEM A good custom logo design is essential for any business. The power of a logo lies in the association a potential or current customer makes between the business logo design, the services and products offered by the company and his/her personal experience. In this sense, having a custom logo design that accurately represents your business is an absolute necessity. How else would people know about your brand and how will you project the right image? However, designing a business logo is no easy task. Getting all your selling points across though a single symbol? Sounds almost impossible. Well it is not, it is simply challenging. Good news is that there is a lot of information available on the topic to guide you and help you make the best choice. At Repeat Logo we are well aware of all the challenges that a business owner could encounter when getting a business logo design online and that is why we made a list of top logo design mistakes that people make. We hope that this list will be of help to all the business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get a custom logo design without making the mistakes most people make. The logo and its meaning To start this discussion we need to provide a solid definition of a “logo”. A logo is a graphical mark or symbol used to identify a company, organisation or brand. It is used to generate awareness among current and potential consumers regarding the company or organisation’s services and products. The logo design of a company is an intangible asset as it does not hold a physical form, but provides value to the business. A custom logo design is a part of the organisation’s identity and is used extensively in all forms of marketing. A recognisable business logo increases the goodwill of a company and is protected as an intellectual property. The logo is a combination of a few different elements. It is made of shapes, fonts, colours and images which distinguish it from any other corporate logo in the market. These are very important as they are in the core of creating a custom logo design that is accurately reflecting the values and aims of the company. So what are the biggest mistakes a company might make when designing a business logo? Using design contests One of the biggest mistakes a company could make when getting a logo design is relying on logo design contests, in which a brief is given to multiple designers, who then come back with their suggested corporate logos. Despite the fact that these sound like a good and cheap option, the logo design is usually below the quality to be expected of something that will represent your business.

  2. Within this sense, such contests are wasting your money as you are ultimately paying for something of low value that might not be suitable for use. This could also lead to damaging your business in the long run as a result of bad brand recognition and cheap looking or unappealing logo design. These kind of design contests also have a bad influence on the design industry as designers should not invest resources and time into developing logos without guarantee for payment. In addition, many of the logos submitted in such contests are copied and not original, which increases the risk of getting into intellectual property protection violations. Using stock imagery Some “designers” use stock images from stock image websites to design corporate logos. In some cases the business owners themselves use stock images in an attempt to reduce their costs. This of course is a huge mistake. Such stock images are downloaded by thousands of people, which means that your current or potential customers can easily find similar to your business logo design, if not even the same. This could have two very bad outcomes for your business. The first is that your corporate logo will be associated with cheap logo design and stock images, which will immediately decrease the value of your brand. After all, why would customers trust your business if they know that you invested so little efforts in developing your brand image and corporate logo? The second issue is that the same stock image you used will be used by many people. You cannot have control over the applications they make and the places they use this image. This could potentially hurt your brand and create very wrong associations in the minds of your customers and target market. Adopting the “do it yourself” logo design approach Many business owners adopt the “do it yourself” approach to logo design in an attempt to save money. Unless you are an experienced designer who knows how to work with all the designing programmes and is well-aware of the requirements of a good logo, we have to advice against it. Designing a logo might look easy to some, but if it was that easy would people ever pay designers for professionally made corporate logo designs? Creating your business logo yourself, when you lack the knowledge and experience could substantially damage your brand. There are many considerations to take into account when creating a logo and these span from the shapes used, through the font and colours, to the creation of alternative versions. Professional designers will make a couple of different versions for your logo design, which will be tailored for different applications, such as: online logo design for your website, different colour logos for your different products and services, a version with a tag line, a version without a tag line, a monochrome version to be used in different backgrounds

  3. and so on. As each of these logo designs will be slightly different from the rest it is important to preserve the consistency among them. A professional designer will make sure that all these represent the corporate brand correctly and that all dimensions and proportions are accurate. This is very important as the “do it yourself” approach might result in stretched logos, whose colours and proportions are not kept, which could eventually dilute your brand. Getting a free logo online Free online logos might sound appealing and extremely cost effective, but there are many issues with them. First and most important they look extremely unprofessional compared to custom designed logos. Second issue is that many other businesses and individuals could use the same logo as you, which absolutely diminishes the purpose of having a logo, as it has no concept and knowledge behind it. After all what use is it if it is not unique? In addition, getting a logo design online does not need to cost your business a lot. At Repeat Logo, we specialise in providing online logo design solutions to businesses, at an affordable rate. There is no need to look for a free logo design, when you can get an extremely affordable custom logo design that is tailored to your needs. Buying a logo design without giving or getting feedback The feedback provision is essential for a good custom logo design. The designer you hire to create your logo design should continuously get feedback on his/her progress. Whether you like the logo or you disagree with the design completely, sharing this information is essential. Your designer is not a psychic, so if there is something you want differently it is your responsibility to share this. Even if you and the designer are both happy with the final product, checking the way your clients and customers perceive the logo design in important. Their opinion is a crucial factor to consider as they are the target market for your brand. If they do not get the right message from your logo design then this is a problem you need to resolve in order to be successful.

  4. Getting the “right” price The question “How much a professional logo design costs?” is a difficult one to answer. In most cases the most reliable response is “It depends”. Every company and business have different requirements and different expectations regarding their custom logo design. This means that there is no “one size fits all” approach and as a result there is no exact price to charge every company. That is why every organisation will require an individual approach, customised quote and a logo tailored to its needs. In order to achieve this a couple of factors need to be taken into consideration, namely: how many logo concepts does the company require, how many revisions are needed, how much background information needs to be gathered, how big is the company and what the target market is. Getting the right custom logo design We listed some of the top mistakes companies make when getting a logo design and we hope that being aware of these will help you make the right choice for your business. One solution is trusting Repeat Logo to create your custom logo design. Our team of experienced designers will ensure that all your requirements are met and that you logo is reflective of your brand identity. The process of ordering a logo through us is very simple and easy to follow, with no extra efforts needed from your part. However, getting a professional logo design online does not mean spending half your budget. Our prices are extremely competitive and are tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses and start-ups, with packages starting at as little as £39 + vat for 3 logo concepts. Our more advanced packages offer complete stationary kit that will ensure that your business has a comprehensive and consistent brand image supported by a professional logo design. If you are ready to get your custom logo design at an extremely affordable rate then contact Repeat Logo and we will do all we can to help your business and brand get the brand engagement you deserve.

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