cio group january 2004 presenter yogi schulz n.
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CIO Group - January 2004 Presenter: Yogi Schulz PowerPoint Presentation
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CIO Group - January 2004 Presenter: Yogi Schulz

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CIO Group - January 2004 Presenter: Yogi Schulz - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CIO Group - January 2004 Presenter: Yogi Schulz. The CEO - CIO Relationship. Presentation Outline. CEO - CIO Relationship Effectiveness How CIOs Self Destruct How CIOs Add Value How CEOs Fail the CIO How CEOs Support the CIO Conclusions Recommendations.

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CIO Group - January 2004 Presenter: Yogi Schulz

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Presentation Transcript
presentation outline
  • CEO - CIO Relationship Effectiveness
  • How CIOs Self Destruct
  • How CIOs Add Value
  • How CEOs Fail the CIO
  • How CEOs Support the CIO
  • Conclusions
  • Recommendations
ceo cio relationship effectiveness
CEO - CIO RelationshipEffectiveness
  • Working poorly
    • CIO fired
    • most or all of IT outsourced
    • business objectives under-achieved; IT value missed
  • Working well
    • CIO well-regarded member of top management team
    • valuable parts of IT managed internally
    • business objectives achieved with IT value
how cios self destruct
How CIOs Self Destruct
  • Believe that IT budget is beyond challenge
  • Insist that business must trust superior, specialist knowledge
  • Focus on IT performance measures and/or administrative tasks
  • Achieve no conspicuous IT successes
  • Believe in IT strategies
  • Not aligned with business direction or doesn't understand business
  • Allow a large number of active development projects
how cios add value
How CIOs Add Value
  • Focus obsessively on business imperatives
  • Interpret external IT success stories
  • Establish and maintain executive relationships
  • Communicate the IT performance record
  • Work to achieve a shared vision for the business
  • Understand how IT performance ranks against industry competitors
  • Enable business transformation
  • Insist on a few active development projects
how ceos fail the cio
How CEOs Fail the CIO
  • View IT as a support function
  • Focus on IT cost minimization
  • Believe that IT doesn’t apply to his/her industry
  • Manage IT as an adjunct to the business
  • Position the CIO as specialist functional manager
  • See the CIO as a high-paid technologist
  • Micro manage IT
how ceos support the cio
How CEOs Support the CIO
  • Position the CIO as agent for change
  • Focus on IT effectiveness within business initiatives
  • Institutionalize business values for IT
  • Include the CIO on the top management team
  • Manage IT as integral to the business

The effectiveness of the CEO-CIO relationship has a huge impact on the value that IT can contribute to the business plan

  • Strengthen the CEO - CIO relationship
  • CIO can coach CEO in expectations for the relationship
the ceo cio relationship
The CEO - CIO Relationship
  • Yogi Schulz

1800, 250 - 6th Ave. S.W.

Calgary, Alberta Canada T2P 3H7

Phone: (403) 249-5255



Management Consultants

  • President of Corvelle Management Consultants
  • Information technology management consulting
  • Project management and systems development
  • Computing Canada & Calgary Herald columnist
  • PPDM Association Board of Directors
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Bibliography - 2
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business i t partnership results
Business/I. T.Partnership Results

Meets important needs

System works well

Development completed

Needs well addressed

System doesn’t work

Development ongoing




Meets no needs

System doesn’t work

Development never


Meets few needs

System really works

Development quick

I. T. Leadership