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Cold Laser Fat Loss: How to MAXIMIZE Your Results

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Cold Laser Fat Loss: How to MAXIMIZE Your Results - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cold Laser Fat Loss: How to MAXIMIZE Your Results. A BodyMend Wellness Clinic Presentation Facilitator: Jason Hensen , Clinic Director, RMT June, 2014. AGENDA. Introductions & Session Goals Brief review of how cold laser treatment can accelerate fat loss

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cold laser fat loss how to maximize your results

Cold Laser Fat Loss: How to MAXIMIZE Your Results

A BodyMend Wellness Clinic Presentation

Facilitator: Jason Hensen,

Clinic Director, RMT

June, 2014

  • Introductions & Session Goals
  • Brief review of how cold laser treatment can accelerate fat loss
  • Overview of tips to MAXIMIZE results
  • Review of BodyMendWellness Clinic Resources
session goals
Session Goals
  • Cold Laser technology to accelerate fat loss
  • Check your commitment: Are you prepared to invest in what it takes to achieve BEST results?
  • Review of treatment protocols
  • Learn helpful tips to follow to get the most out of your treatments
  • Use resources offered through BodyMend Wellness Clinic
cold laser technology for fat loss
Cold Laser Technology for FAT LOSS
  • Cold laser treatment is a painless, non-surgical method that can be used to accelerate fat loss
  • Laser creates temporary pores in the fat cells (lasting 24-72 hours) that allows excess, unwanted fat to leave the cells
  • Lymphatic stimulation and water consumption following treatments assist the body in “flushing out” the excess fat
  • A healthy liver metabolises the excess fat from the body
  • INCHloss versusWEIGHT loss is accelerated. REMEMBER: inches may not be where specifically desired. Weight loss may not occur at all

Set realistic expectations

  • Follow recommended treatment protocols
  • Keep recommended appointments
  • Use additional resources
    • Liver/detoxification cleanse
    • Shapewear to assist with lymphatic circulation
    • Lymphatic massage
  • Maintain a positive attitude
set realistic expectations
Set REALISTIC expectations
  • Set personal goals that are reasonable
  • Improving your overall health is an EXCELLENT goal to set (i.e., a maintainable lifestyle change with diet and activity)
  • Inch loss from treatment is NOT always from areas where you want it to be from
  • Weight loss may not happen
  • Lasting results require ongoing commitment
follow treatment protocols
Follow Treatment Protocols
  • Drink your recommended daily amount of water (Body weight in pounds/2 = required ounces)
  • Avoid caffeine (and caffeine products)
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Eat a sensible, healthy diet
  • Perform 20 minutes of exercise post-treatment that promotes lymphatic drainage
water is important
Water is Important
  • Flushes out toxins and waste products from normal cellular function
  • Helps you to feel full, without unwanted calories. Try drinking a glass of water prior to meal times.
  • Prefer water during meals.
  • Prevent headaches, improve focus and concentration. This can help you stay on track with being active and sticking to your healthy lifestyle commitments.
  • Gives you a healthier looking appearance, especially your skin
tips to enjoy drinking water
Tips to Enjoy Drinking Water

1. Make it fun! There are simple, yet tasty recipes to naturally flavour your water.

2. Try fruit-diffuser water bottles.

3. Drink cold iced-teas that are herbal, non-caffeinated. Brew a 1 litre pot, and add a tablespoon of honey to sweeten.

avoid caffeine
Avoid Caffeine
  • Caffeine is a diuretic – it causes the body to lose extra water
  • Caffeine is found in coffee, black teas, green tea, chocolate, energy drinks.
  • Consuming caffeine lessens the effectiveness of drinking your water for treatments
  • Be sure to read food labels carefully!
avoid alcohol
Avoid Alcohol
  • Alcohol acts as a diuretic
  • Alcohol keeps your liver busy detoxifying, instead of metabolizing the excess fat released by the opened fat pores
eat sensibly eat for health
Eat Sensibly, Eat for Health!
  • Healthy food choices and eating habits can only add to your success
  • Seek nutrition counselling if uncertain about healthy food choices (
  • Be mindful of small details such as frequency and timing of meals, portion sizes – these all impact your metabolism

Hypervibe technology – “Get Fit Fast” 10 minute exercise program

  • Ask for helpful training tips from your Laser Specialist and/or one of our Active Care Specialists
maintain a positive attitude
Maintain a POSITIVE Attitude
  • The hormone Cortisol is released during stressful events (i.e., physical, emotional)
  • High levels of cortisol negatively affect your:
    • Immune system: more prone to illness
    • Mental health: more prone to depression
    • Energy levels: less energy to exercise and be active

All of these can lead to unhealthy,

fat-promoting lifestyle choices (i.e., sedentary activities, comfort-eating, etc.)


Make a conscience decision and commitment to improve your health and develop a healthier lifestyle



additional resources
Additional Resources
  • Pamphlet “Maximizing your Zerona Fat Loss Results”
  • BodyMend Article “ Drink Water for Better Health”
  • BodyMend Article “Abdominal Obesity and the Mind: What is the Connection?”
  • Get Fit Fast: Hypervibe 10 minute exercise program
  • Health Products: CleanseMax, SoliedaShapewear
  • Health Services: Lymphatic Massage, Personal Training with Active Care Specialist
  • FREE consultation with one of our Zerona Laser Specialists