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CLEAN MATTRESS. SATISFIED GUESTS. Chemical-free Mattress Cleaning for Hotels. www.potema.hu. What Is In The Mattress?. Various sorts of dirt get into mattresses. sweat pollens dust mould spores viruses human cuticle.

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  1. CLEANMATTRESS SATISFIED GUESTS Chemical-free Mattress Cleaning for Hotels www.potema.hu

  2. What Is In The Mattress? Varioussorts of dirtgetintomattresses • sweat • pollens • dust • mould • spores • viruses • human cuticle Theirpresence is enoughformitestomakedwelling. Mitescauseallergies, whichmay lead tounpleasantnightsforyourguestssufferingfromrespiratory and asthmaticproblems. (Since 1980 thenumber of peoplewithasthmaticproblems has raisedby 75%)

  3. The Efficient Solution • The unique patent bytheGermancompany, Potema, doing business onmanycontinentsformanyyearsmeetsthefollowingexpectations: • long-lasting, measurableresults • environment-friendlytechnology • risk-free • fast • economical • no investmentneeded • qualified service • Potema-technologydoesnotcausedelaysindailyoperations and doesnotrequire extra workforce.

  4. Technology The portablemattressvacuum-cleanercan be useddirectlyinthe hotel rooms. Suction is accompaniedbynear-ultrasoundvibration, thusorganicdirtfallsapartintosmallparticles. The machine is abletoremovemites and otherdirtevenfromdeepinsidethemattress. Simoltaneously, a built-inUV-lightdisinfectsthesurface of themattress. • suction up to 20 cm depth • no chemilcals • dry technology • cleaning on the spot • beds can be made immediately afterwards • long-lasting effect (min 6 months) • a 90 cm-wide mattress ready in 12 minutes • 99,6%-os effectivity • collected dirt isolated

  5. Good To Know… HOTELSTARS PROGRAM RegularcleaningwithPotema-techologymeansvaluablepointsatthenew hotel categoryrating. MARKETING ADVANTAGES International travallersregardsuchinformation more and more important. Anti-allergenicsolutionsmeanpeaceatnightformany.

  6. Prices, Conditions • 2.400 HUF/mattress • 10% discount • payment in instalments • predictable expenses • flexibility • schedule upon agreement • e.g. 300 beds, • repeated 24-monthly: • only 30.000 HUF/month • Eitherinone sum orinmonthlyinstalments, weprovidevariousmethods of payment: • 2.400 HUF/mattress(SGL) • - 10% discount - • withone-offpayment • - basicprice - • for a 12-month instalment • 2.700 HUF/mattress(SGL) • 24-month instalment • (Category upgrade requires 24 months of service.)

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