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Welcome Guests

Welcome Guests. On-Time DRAWS. Eat Your Way To A New You!. Don ’ t Wait to Stake Your Tent, Until The Storm Is Raging. The time to GET and/or STAY healthy is NOW Don't wait until a crisis hits

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Welcome Guests

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  1. Welcome Guests

  2. On-Time DRAWS

  3. Eat Your Way To A New You!

  4. Don’t Wait to Stake Your Tent, Until The Storm Is Raging The time to GET and/or STAY healthy is NOW Don't wait until a crisis hits Your best health insurance POLICY is: PREVENTION

  5. Breakfast Protein Drink  2 c. frozen fruit 1 handful of greens (kale, spinach, dandelion etc…) 2 heaping scoops of N.S.P. Nutri Burn, Syner Protein or TNT Nutritional Drink 1 T. Loclo 1 oz. each of Zambroza and Mineral Chi Tonic Optional: 1 scoop Ultimate green zone for iodine support and ph balancing. Put all ingredients into the blender and add water to fill. Blend until smooth. This drink not only provides all that you need to replace any meal; it is also ph balancing and keeps the natural cleansing of the body working well.

  6. Meal Replacement Recipes Raw Chocolate Pudding 1 Avocado 1 Scoop of Syner Protein or Nutri Burn 2 - 3 T. Cacao powder 4 T. Honey or Raw Agave 1 t. pure vanilla 1 dash of Sea Salt Slice Avocado in half and remove the center seed. Scoop out the insides and put into a Blendtec and blend on sauce setting. Add the remaining ingredients and blend on sauce menu until well blended. Scoop back into the shells of the avocado and refrigerate for 2 hours. Garnish with berries and serve.

  7. Creamsicle Granola • 2 scoops of TNT • 1 c. raw oatmeal • ½ c. coconut • 1/3 c. chopped walnuts, pecans or almonds • 1/3 c. mixed seeds (pumpkin, sunflower and flax) • ½ c. raisins • ½ c. organic peanut butter • ½ c. coconut oil • 1 T. agave or honey • Mix all ingredients well and press in between waxed paper.

  8. Clearing Bliss • 8 oz. of pure water • 2 curly kale leaves • 1 handful Italian parsley leaves • 1 lemon with pith and a ¼ of zest • ½ apple • ½ pear • 1 scoop TNT • 1 scoop of Syner Protein • 1 T. of coconut oil • 6 ice cubes

  9. Gluten Free Nutrition filled Muffins 1 c. applesauce ½ c. grated zucchini and carrots 2 scoops N.S.P. Syner Protein or Nutri Burn 1 ½ c. gluten free flour 1 ½ t. baking powder 2 T. ground flax seed ¾ t. soda 1 t. cinnamon ¼ t. nutmeg and ginger ½ t. real sea salt ½ c. raisins and ½ c. chopped nuts Mix applesauce, zucchini and carrots into a bowl. Mix dry ingredients into another bowl. Stir the dry ingredients into the wet mixture. Stir in raisins and nuts. Fill oiled or lined muffin tins 2/3 full and bake at 375 degrees F for 15 to 20 minutes.

  10. Creamy Orange Oatmeal • 1 ½ c. prepared oatmeal • 1 scoop of TNT

  11. Raw Cheesecake Raw Vegan Creamcicle Cheesecake 1 ½ cups of raw walnuts or pecans soaked for 4 or more hours 1/2 cup of raw pitted dates 3 T. chia seeds 2 T. coconut oil 3 T. water Put these into a high powered blender and pulse until chunky crumbly mixture. Take a large pinch of raw shredded coconut and sprinkle into a pie pan. Press nut mixture into the pie pan.

  12. Raw Cheesecake 1 1/2 cups of raw soaked cashews 4 T. Nature’s Sunshine Products TNT (not mixed) 6 T. of coconut oil 4T. Xylitol or 1/4 cup of raw agave 1 t. vanilla or the seeds of 1/2 of a sun dried vanilla bean 1/4 cup of water Put these into a high powered blender and pulse until smooth consistency. Pour this mixture into the crumb shell that you have made and freeze for 2-4 hours. Take out of freezer 1 hour before serving. For the Chocolate Banana Cheesecake: Replace the TNT with Cocoa. Chopped bananas may be added on top. I prefer them to be placed on a serving time for freshness.

  13. We All Scream for Ice Cream!!! • High Protein Chocolate Ice cream • 2 Scoops of N.S.P. Nutri Burn • 3 T. Cacao powder • 1 frozen banana • 1 c. purified water • Put all ingredients into a Blendtec and run on Ice cream setting. Put into freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour and serve.

  14. We All Scream for Ice Cream!!! • High Protein Strawberry Ice Cream • 2 Scoops N.S.P Vanilla Nutri Burn or Syner Protein • 1 c. frozen strawberries • 1 c. of purified water • Put all ingredients into a blendtec and blend on the ice cream setting. Freeze for ½ hour to 1 hour and serve.

  15. Protein Chocolate Coconut Cookies 3/4 c. oatmeal 2 scoops of N.S.P. TNT or Nutri Burn or Syner Protein 1/3 c. peanut butter ¼ c. crushed unsweetened coconut ¼ c. agave or honey Dash of salt 5 drops of vanilla or almond extract ¼ c. crushed pecan pieces 1 heaping t. of cocoa Mix all ingredients together and roll into balls. Enjoy soft or refrigerate for a firmer cookie.

  16. Gluten Free Banana Muffins ¾ c. gluten free flour ¼ c. N.S.P. Syner Protein ½ c. rolled oats ¼ c. honey, raw agave nectar 2 t. baking powder ¼ t. baking soda 1/8 t. sea salt 1 t. bee pollen ¾ t. cinnamon 1 ground flax seed 3 T. applesauce ½ c. almond or coconut milk 2 ripe mashed bananas 3 T. pure water Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Prepare muffin tins with oil or paper muffin liners. Combine dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside. In a small bowl, beat egg then add almond milk, applesauce and banana and sweeteners Stir well. Add wet mixture to dry ingredients and stir just enough to moisten dry ingredients. Fill prepared muffin tins to approximately 2/3 full. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

  17. Granola Bars 1 ½ c. quick oats ½ c. Syner Protein or Nutri Burn 1/3 c. natural peanut butter, almond butter or other nut butters 1/3 c. agave nectar, honey or pinch of real sea salt 7 drops of almond extract ½ c. raw natural unsweetened coconut Mix all ingredients together and press into a pan or roll into balls and chill for 3 hours. If in a pan, cut into squares and enjoy. Add TNT to create creamy orange flavor

  18. Hot or Cold Beverages Add TNT or Zambroza to your favorite beverages for added nutrition.

  19. Almond Butter Bars 1 c almond butter ½ c. agave, honey or 1 c. xylitol ½ c. water 4 scoops of Syner Protein or Nutri Burn 3 T. toasted wheat germ ½ c. nuts ½ c. raisins ½ c. chopped dates ½ c. coconut Mix all ingredients together. Press into a buttered square baking dish, chill and cut into cubes. This mixture can also be rolled, chilled and sliced or rolled into balls or as a stuffing for dates.

  20. Apple Pie Health Shake 4 small or 2 large apples, cut into fourths 4 scoops of N.S.P Nutri Burn or Syner Protein ½ cinnamon ¼ t. cloves ¼ t. allspice 1 c. of ice 3 c. of water 4 T. Oatmeal 2 T. chia seeds 3 T. walnuts or pecans Put all ingredients except 1 apple and oatmeal into a high powered blender and blend until a smooth creamy consistency. Add the apple and nuts, blend until apple is in smaller chucks then add oatmeal and chia seeds and pulse to mix. Pour into glasses or shaker and sprinkle a little cinnamon.

  21. Pumpkin Pie Health Shake ¼ c. pumpkin large pinch of pecans or walnuts 1 handful of kale ½ t. cinnamon ¼ t. cloves ¼ t. nutmeg ¼ t. ginger 2 scoops Syner Protein or Nutri Burn 12 oz. Almond milk or water 1 frozen banana 3 – 4 T. raw oatmeal Mix together all ingredients together except oatmeal and nuts. Blend until smooth and add the remaining ingredients and pulse to mix but leave crunchy. May be topped with rice dream whip.

  22. So Don’t Be Caught Trying to Put Up Your Tent During The Storm • Make upgraded choices a regular part of your life. • Make it easy • Make it affordable • And you won’t be caught unprepared.


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