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TRAINING VKB. Sacha Martis. Self portraits. Zinaida Serebriakova Born: December 12, 1884 Deceased: September 1967 Her art is to be found in the Russian Museum First female Russian painter. Zinaida Serebriakova Bio.

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self portraits
Self portraits


Born: December 12, 1884 Deceased: September 1967

Her art is to be found in the Russian Museum

First female Russian painter

zinaida serebriakova bio
ZinaidaSerebriakova Bio
  • ZinaidaSerebriakova (1884-1967) was among the first female Russian painters of distinction. She belonged to the artistic Benois family. Her grandfather, Nicholas Benois, was a famous architect, chairman of the Society of Architects and member of the Russian Academy of Science. Her uncle, AlexandreBenois, was a famous painter, founder of the Mir iskusstva art group.
  • From her youth onwards, ZinaidaSerebriakova strove to express her love of the world and to show its beauty. Her earliest works speak eloquently of this search, and of her acute awareness of the beauty of the Russian land and its people.
  • After the October Revolution, inhabitants of private apartments were forced to share them with additional inhabitants, but Serebriakova was lucky - she was quartered with artists from the Moscow Art Theatre. Thus, Serebriakova’s work during this period focuses on theatre life.
  • In the autumn of 1924, Serebriakova went to Paris, having received a commission for a large decorative mural. Eventually she took French citizenship, and it was not until Khruschev’s Thaw that the Soviet Government allowed her to resume contact with her family in the Soviet Union.
  • ZinaidaSerebriakova’s works were finally exhibited in the Soviet Union in 1966, in Moscow, Leningrad, and Kiev, to great acclaim. Her albums sold by the millions, and she was compared to Botticelli and Renoir. However, although she sent about 200 of her works to be shown in the Soviet Union, the bulk of her work remains in France today.
self portrait
Self portrait
  • 1909
  • Self portrait at the Dressing Table
  • Ayoung woman in her early twenties, sat before a mirror, she is attending to her hair. The painting is exuberant, even cheerful in its characterization of the sitter and in the choice of the palette. the impression of youth and joy of life. It was a portrait of optimism and above all confidence in being a woman. The other impression was that it seemed very modern despite being painted a century ago.
self portrait1
Self portrait
  • 1930
  • Full Handmade Oil Painting
  • Reclining Nude
self portrait2
Self portrait
  • 1900 & 1914
  • Pencil
  • Serebryakovahad an outstanding talent as a portrait painter, which was not limited to graphic art, although pastel was to remain her favorite technique throughout her life. She has a full drawing style, which emphasizes form, and always, even in small scale works, contains an element of monumentalisation.
self portrait3
Self portrait
  • 1911
  • Style: Realism
  • Self portrait wearing a scarf
self portrait4
Self portrait
  • 2011
  • Portrait of myself
  • Canon camera
  • I choose this artist, because she is very simple and she paints about what she feels at the moment. She expresses love and beauty. I’m also like her in a way. I always make simple pictures as well.