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  1. Our Company Founded in 2003, Opt-Intelligence operates a leading Opt-In Ad Solution built on our patent-pending Clear-Request™ technology platform. Our solution enables advertisers to generate explicit consumer opt-ins to their specific offer in order to create a true 1-to-1 relationship. The offers are served to targeted users during the registration processes of the our Network Publishers. Opt-Intelligence recently introduced a revolutionary self-service system called LeadServe™, which gives SMBs, around the world, the comprehensive tools to harness the true power of opt-in advertising. Overview

  2. Clients Our network of publishers and advertisers include top tier retailers, information providers, and medical establishments. Below is a sample listing of our web publishers and advertisers. “Opt-Intelligence is truly a leader in today’s evolving, opt-in lead generation marketplace. Their high standards and hosted network protect us from the abuse that is rampant among many other lead generation providers. The quality of the opt-ins they generate for us are second to none.” Jacob Hawkins, Overstock, Director of Online Marketing Clients

  3. Clear-Request™ Technology Our proprietary technology handles all aspects of the opt-in ad serving and processing including: Offer Targeting & Serving You define the offer’s targeting by vertical, demographics and geography and only when a user meets that definition will your offer be served Data Validation & Hygiene Email, physical address, phone number are just a few data points that can be validated prior to sending leads to advertisers Confirmation Email System An auto-responder email can be sent to consumers to confirm their opt-in Data Transfer Data can be transferred in real-time or with a multiple of other batch options Technology

  4. How It Works Common Scenario Step 1 User begins the registration process on a network publisher website User Experience

  5. Ad Page Step 2 User is served targeted opt-in offers on the following page which they can opt-in to if they choose User Experience

  6. ‘Thank You’ Page Step 3 The user continues to the publisher’s ‘Thank You’ page whether they opt-in to an offer or not User Experience

  7. Opt-In Offer Types • Free Trial • Digital/Offline Coupon • Exclusive Promotion • Free Subscription • Discount Promotion • Free Newsletter • Free Report • More Company Info Offer Types

  8. Actions Performed By Clear-Request™ Technology After Opt-In • Opt-In Data Is Validated • Confirmation Email Is Sent (optional) • Data Transferred To Advertiser (real-time or batch) Post Opt-In

  9. Key Benefits • Your offer is served to the audience you target which generates higher quality leads. • All offers are served as opt-In. Your offer is never pre-checked. • Network of high quality web publishers. No incentivized websites are allowed in the network. • Your offer is only distributed within the hosted publisher network and is never brokered. • Experienced industry experts to assist in managing your account and lending invaluable suggestions to improve your ROI. Benefits

  10. Joe Broumand jbroumand@opt-intelligence.com 212-594-3862 x 4042 Opt-Intelligence, Inc. 45 West 24th Street, 4th Floor New York, NY 10010

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