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Step Three: Change

Step Four: Perception. Step Five: Transformation. Step Three: Change. Step Six: Empathy. Step Two: Interconnection. Step Seven: Compassion in Action. Step One: Mindful Intention. Wisdom blossoms 2011. From. Sydney. Atisha. Blue Mts. France. Mexico. California. Switzerland.

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Step Three: Change

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  1. Step Four: Perception Step Five: Transformation Step Three: Change Step Six: Empathy Step Two: Interconnection Step Seven: Compassion in Action Step One: Mindful Intention Wisdom blossoms 2011

  2. From Sydney Atisha Blue Mts. France Mexico California Switzerland

  3. Wisdom “roots” - France • Ask questions instead of giving answers • The inside of each of us is our most cherishable jewel • Interest in pupil/compassion • Connect to my centerrelate to their center and guide them so they are able to connect to their centers • Namaste • Patience • L’ecoutebienveillante • Presence, awareness, attention • Meet them were they are! • Empathie • Live the teachings • It’s all a teaching • Allow them to connect to their inner world • Be present • Le silence est amour et respect de la presence • Role models for inspiration, guidance • Growing in ourselves, each of us, is joining our jewels for the best in us to us • Interdependence, interrelationships • Connect to children to connect them to their world. Peace • Chaleur • Listen, smile, connecting to inner world • Thinking about thinking • Détente • How to connect children to their inner world?? • Intention, awareness, every day

  4. Wisdom “roots” - California • A secure attachment and safety • Respect for child and adult • Seeing the person • Self-grasping IS the root of suffering • Respect, patience, kindness for self & others • Passion and love of teaching • The Namaste Attitude- connect children to their inner world • Help/guide the children to be able to connect to their inner and outer world experiences • Acceptance compassion interconnection • Respect, empathy, compassion and real connection to each student • Remember to check up about whether an idea actually makes sense • Gentleness, humor, kindness • Guide the students to explore ideas, answer questions, ask questions, to teach us • Ask questions rather than telling or giving the answers. Allow the child to explore ideas so learning and wisdom can develop

  5. Wisdom “roots” – Sydney 1 of 2 • Curious Wisdom Equanimity • Live the way you teach • Compassionate, engaged and engaging, kindness, patience, guidance, knowledge, lead by example, respectful, encouraging • Believe in Me! • Attention Time Love • Respect Diversity • Wonder Joy Enthusiasm • Loving Kindness – generosity – forgiveness – respect • Respect – hold bar high – taking interest • Be interested! Dare to be different • Genuineness Care Understanding • Respectful Inspirational Strength • Role model qualitites – Kindness Patience Convey interesting things Get involved, spend time Love Connectedness • A good teacher can make the most boring subject interesting. Will ignite the desire to learn • Fairness, wisdom, respect • Patient, curious, helper • Humour Big Heart Openness Real • Patience • Self Esteem • Seeing the creative potential and fostering it! • Enthusiasm

  6. Wisdom “roots” – Sydney 2 of 2 • Kindness Caring Nurturing • Enough water, food, shelter, love, warmth, learning, freedom (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs) for all children = UN’s Rights of the Child • Kindness, playfulness • Being enthusiastic • Daring to be different! • Honest shows interest loving kindness • Questioning different patient • Generosity Fascination with life and people • Warmth Care • Compassion Empathy Kindness • Love Respect Listening

  7. Wisdom “roots” - Atisha • The importance of connecting with your own inner environment is immense • Remember the power of a smile • Connection of/to Natural Wisdom and Compassion • Recognise the beauty in us all • Deep connection is what our children need. Firstly to connect with their inner world and then to feel safe to share this with others • Modelling caring about others • Acknowledge your students “higher self” • Empathy • Right action • “Wonder is the beginning of wisdom’. How do we create a sense of wonder? • Connect to each individual • Being listened to and trusted • HUMILITY COURAGE AUTHENTICITY • Heart connection with each child every day • We need to teach children in a firm but loving way. Finding this balance is the challenge • Value (and create) a safe space • MettaKaruna Buddhism as guiding framework, framework of values, meditate, empathy starts with self. Mudita • Be the embodiment of what and how we teach • Need to differentiate between outer and inner world of the child • Prepare your inner environment

  8. Wisdom “roots” – Switzerland 1 of 2 • Sois le changement que tu veux dans le monde avec patience et gentillesse • With patience and kindness, be the change you want in the world • Être reconnaissant de ce que l’autre t’apporte • Be grateful for what the other has to offer • Avoir à l’esprit les intentions pour lesquelles on est là avec les enfants • Being mindful of the intention for being here with the children • Être ce que je veux faire passer • Be what I want to convey • Faire découvrir le potentiel en chacun • Discover the potential in each • Attachement-sécure (sécuriser mais pas dépendre) • Secure Attachment, (secure but not depending) • Engagement • commitment • Échange • Exchange  • Avoir confiance en soi, confiance en l’autre. Être patient, attentionné • Self-confidence, trust in others. Be patient, caring • Good teacher or bad teacher, does not matter, I can learn from both, but may I only be a good teacher to others • Ouvert • open

  9. Wisdom “roots” – Switzerland 2 of 2 • Avoir un regard bienveillant • Have a watchful eye • Être connecté avec son cœur et esprit • Be connected with one’s heart and mind • Attentionné • attentive • L’attention, la bonté, la congruence, l’authenticité sont les attitudes qui créent un sentiment de sécurité • Attention, kindness, congruity and authenticity are the attitudes that create a sense of security • Accueillir l’autre dans tout ce qu’il est • Accommodate the other with all he has • Retourner à cet espace intérieur qui permet de se tenir debout, droit • Return to the inner space that allows to to stand up straight • Donner ce que j’ai reçu • To give what I have received • Développer des qualités de cœur, de l’authenticité, croire au potentiel de chacun pour lui permettre de grandir • Develop qualities of heart, authenticity, believing in the potential of each, to allow him to grow

  10. Wisdom “roots” – Mexico 1 of 2

  11. Wisdom “roots” – Mexico 2 of 2

  12. Step One: Mindful Intention

  13. France • (WISH) to find a direction you first need to find out what it is that you really want, then remember it and make it happen (ACTION). Nothing comes from nothing. • Focus • It is not so complex to make children think about main qualities • Mindful intention • Step by step, by step, by step… • Give others the possibility to grow • We all have a heart • The thought leads to action • Fidele a l’essentiel etre • We all want the same universal goodness and values: love, kindness, abundance, care, laughter, joy, happiness. We can achieve these values with our positive mental attitude of respect, patience and generosity. • Compassion • Give time and space to explore perfections • Ecrire ma motivation • I can do a lot • Avoir confiance! Ne pas mettre de barriere. Freedom! • Structures need planning and supervision • Bringing all the different qualities into one to create a peaceful world.

  14. California • Confidence • Directing energy (towards happiness) • Ask 'Why be kind?' • Joyful approach to life • Open the consciousness from Me to We • Setting our intention for the day helps us to keep our actions on track • Self (knowledge) awareness (impact on others/cause and effect) • Self love leads to love of others • Respectful children and respectful adults • Remembering our own wishes is important, but remembering that others have the same wishes is the best!! • Self regulation • Clarity- deepening, refining of vision • Be creative until we find the way in!  There are so many things we can do if we feel grouchy or uninspired! To help us move into a different mind set • It does not happen by itself- we have to make it happen by our actions • Develop understanding and compassion • Interconnectedness • We can and do have an effect on others around us, and the world at large • Setting the intention and gentle reminders as well as reinforcement at the end of the day • We all want the same thing • The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. • We have all we need in our heart/mind when we forget our direction in life ~ all it takes is the sound of a gong or a sweet song, or a piece of art, words from the heart to bring us home again! • Our external world is a manifestation of our mind.

  15. Sydney • Attention to thoughts, words and actions – are they in accord? • Mindfulness • A deep wish to help everyone to find happiness • Compassion • Generosity Love Authenticity Wisdom • Self-Expression • Search for wisdom on how to help us all get what we want • Connectedness • Wisdom – Deep understanding of Happiness and its Causes • Tolerance Understanding Love, Peace Forgiveness Acceptance • Friendship! • Love Love Love Love Love Love Love • Listen with Interest and Curiosity • Understanding what I and other want – to be happy, not to suffer • Community

  16. Sydney • Seek to understand, be patient and warm • Let go to allow for PEACE • Focused Determined Devoted • Unity • Less conflict More harmonious • Compassion Towards all of us who don’t fully understand Causes of Happiness • If I set my intention then I guide my own day • Kindness Kindness Kindness Kindness Kindness Kindness • Once we identify our intention we can then start to take the steps to reach our goal. Intention gives us direction and power for growth • Confidence Caring for each other Friendship Joy • Is who you want to be is how you want to be treated • To be accepted and understood (unconditionally) to accept and understand others • Sharing Empathy Kindness • Inclusiveness Non competitive

  17. Atisha • It is easier to form a helpful habit when an intention is practiced every day • Optimism • Be mindful of students and staff everyday • Everyone wants happiness. If we are clear on what truly leads to happiness, then we can guide others. • Mindfulness of our in INTENTION creates the best chance for those intentions to bare fruit. • Without awareness of intention w are most often driven by independent selfish desires which by nature is mistaken reality • When my intention is to think of others happiness my mind and heart open up to more joy • Intentions are like a rose you need to know what is the best position for it in the garden • LOVE (heart energy) • Allow time • NURTURING

  18. Atisha • Respect for individuality • Action – body, form, movement forward. Speech – relationships, movement, reflection, humanness, equanimity. Mind – daily practice, perspective, understanding. • Right intentions help to create right action and greater understanding of each other • I can understand my motivation and ‘choose’ actions that will make myself and others happy • Don’t get trapped in seeing satisfaction as happiness – not everything is about me and my happiness’ • DIVERSITY “different strokes for different folks” • Connect to your motivation. Manually set a positive motivation. Check in throughout the day. EXPERIENCE CHANGE. • Approach with kindness and love • Selfless intent is vast. Selfish intent is narrow and riddled with suffering. • With the right intention comes greater happiness.

  19. Blue Mts. • Unconditional love for self and others • Open and honest communication • Gentleness and patience • Leading by example • Care • Respect for self and others • Explain boundaries • My heart shines • Patience n Persistence, Strength n kindness • Time • Acceptance • Connection: looking, listening, feeling • Insight • Impart responsibility • Wisdom, proactivity, love understanding, engagement, creativity, generosity • Believe in the capabilities • I trust and am trusted • Listen

  20. Switzerland • Ne pas attendre demain de vivre la suite… • Do not wait until tomorrow to live the follow up.......... • La joie et la paix sont le fruit d’une attitude bienveillante • Joy and peace are the result of a caring attitude • Devenons tous des détectives de bonté • Let’s all become detectives of kindness • Entraîner mon esprit à… • To train my mind to…… ... • Oser rêver un idéal, l’écrire pour lui permettre de se réaliser • Daring to dream an ideal, writing it, to allow it to happen. • Faire consciemment chaque action, parole, pensées • Make every action, speech and thought conscious • « Vivre ensemble » AMOUR • "Living together" LOVE • Le monde prend des couleurs • The world is becoming colorful • Transformation de l’esprit • Transformation of the mind

  21. Switzerland • Conscience qui éveille • Consciousness that awakens • Nous sommes tous sur le même chemin • We are all on the same path • Une plus grande conscience, la discipline de se le rappeler et surtout prendre la responsabilité. Ne plus blâmer les autres • Greater awareness, discipline and above all to remember to take responsibility. Not blame others anymore • Kindness is the answer to every problem. Not kindness that I receive, but kindness that I give • L’attention à l’autre et à soi-même • Attention to the other and self • Ne pas attendre que l’autre change… • Do not wait for the other to change ... • Paix, espace calme, ouvert bonheur • Peace, quiet space, open happiness

  22. Mexico

  23. Mexico

  24. Step Two: Interconnection

  25. France • Web • Interdependent • Interdependence • interconnectedness • Love • Without you there is no me! • Absence de nature propre, absence de solitude • My heart, your heart, our heart • L’infiniment grand, l’infiniment petit… • Calmness, humility • U, WE, and all of us • Flow of energy • Everything comes from everything. If everything is interconnected then we must take responsibility for our actions. • Up and down goes life in flow • Birth and death and conscience growth • Stop & reflect • Contempler le changement pour rester paisible

  26. California • Wish to help others, be kind, loving, compassionate • When we really look closely or really far away, we realize how much space there is and how much structure too- I wonder how to remember to appreciate both of these together? • Consequences of thoughts, decisions and actions • From Me to We to Everything • It is wonderful to be a shining star and to look around in space and see sooo many other stars too! • Gratefulness for the gifts of the universe • The seeds we plant and water grow into trees or bushes but not w/o the help of our friends, the sun, the earth, the moon, wind and rain • Connection = empathy • Interconnected web of support - not alone • We are all in this together • Feel supported • Empathy • There is no other- there is only we • When I look at another, I see our connection • We are not alone, everything is in constant flux and change • Not take things for granted • Breathe, let go, forgive, forget

  27. Sydney • Interconnection means that my actions affect others • Mindfulness and love travels afar • Looking at interconnection makes me think about others • Small things & I matter • Warm buzzing feeling of care and preciousness • We are all one but different • Everything we do affects everything/one around us • Encompassed Awareness Gratitude • Deep Understanding Respect • Understand and appreciate more who we are, where we come from, what we have • Mindful thoughts, words, deed • Whatever we do will affect everyone around us • Personal Responsibility • Chicken and egg? Beginning and end/rebirth??? • Deep looking

  28. Atisha • When realisation occurs with interdependence it is deeply humbling as you realise you are a result of others efforts and by nature you are no different than a bug…wanting happiness, not suffering • Interconnection is the basis of understanding our beginnings and future • Appreciation • NO ESCAPE. We are all in it together like it or not. • From little things, big things grow. We are all in this together. YAY! • My actions have consequences this is empowering • Spaciousness, understanding, flexibility, responsibility • The understanding of INTERCONNECTEDNESS is transformative and is fundamental to building COMPASSION • It’s energising! The potential that exists; so many possibilities available to us if we set our minds to work. • Instilling the idea that actions are like a ripple in an pond..

  29. Blue Mts. • I know you are just like me • I can help • Compassion • More love and compassion to self and others • Respect and tolerance to self and others • More commitment to caring and nurturing self and others • belonging, achievement, happiness, understanding, contentment, peace, exploration, harmony, sensitivity, joy, knowing • actions matter • your joy is my joy • gratitude • knowing, learning, understanding, sensitivity, insight • your pain is my pain • respect for each other and all living beings • appreciation for all things and people in one’s life • we are all the same on some level – we may jut think differently • we are all in this together

  30. Switzerland • Humilité et respect de tout • Humility and respect for all • Équanimité • equanimity • Un sens de responsabilité, d’engagement, de compassion et d’amour • A sense of responsibility, commitment, compassion and love • Faire attention à tous, to bekind • Pay attention to all, To Be Kind • Gratitude, compassion, respect • Gratitude, compassion, respect • La plénitude du vide • The fullness of the void • Tout devient relatif • Everythingbecomes relative • Go with the flow, instead of going against it. • Lots of work to do to get there but I know I’m going there • Il suffit de peu. Il suffit de commencer…et de perséverer ! • It does not take much. Just start ... and persevere! • Je suis une infime partie d’un tout • I am a tiny part of a whole

  31. Mexico

  32. Mexico

  33. Step Three: Change

  34. France • Change is natural. Change gives rise to challenges and opportunities • There is no me • Apprendre c’est changer • Everything changes moment by moment (easy to explore practically), so we all share the same nature of change. If all changes, anything is possible (requires awareness, direction and skills) • Movement, evolution, challenge • Change is necessary for life. No change, no life • Change is now • Change is a wide range of opportunities • What a great chance that everything changes! • Living • Growing • Overcoming • Everything changes… emotions change too!! • Change is impermanence. Change teaches no point to grasp. Change takes us forward. • Even the shelf we say we don’t like is precious

  35. California • We can always choose and change our reaction to events • The recognition of change surprising leads to relaxing and openness, rather than fear • Respect for life- in all its stages • Ability to cope with life's changes • More open to others • Enjoyment of the moment- each one as it comes • Enable the growth mindset • In this world where things are in flux, there are limitless possibilities • Sense of wonder, openness, not getting stuck • Mistakes are opportunities for growth • Discovery, potential, compassion • What seems so fixed and real is indeed not:) • Awareness and acceptance of change = resilience

  36. Sydney • When we let go and flow with change opportunities arise and freedom is found • Everyone and everything changes • Don’t judge an angry tantruming child - may have autism (not a bad mother) • Everything and everyone is changing • Empowering • Freedom • Responsibility • Appreciation • Exhilarating feeling (if change is positive) Satisfaction • Encourages gratitude • Helps us feel connected, part of something bigger, wonderful • Change means I can set new goals and work for you and them • Pride – you are proud of your accomplishments (individual or as a whole group) • It helps us see with different eyes! Possibility! • Acceptance – change can be a good thing if you choose to perceive it this way • Encourages patience – Gives hope – Encourages responsibility • Flexibility creates Possibility • Change is constant • Cyclic existence

  37. Sydney • Knowing hat everything changes helps build resilience • Anything is possible • Power and Responsibiity • It helps us to be more patient and harmonious • Celebrate acceptance gratitude – drop preconceived ideas – hope • We are not stuck, anything is possible • Motivates us to be mindful of what is in this moment • Acceptance, Letting go – no struggle! • Learning excitement Different perspective • Possibility exciting • Empowerment and grace is within me • Step 3 – Change is connected to and naturally flows on from Step 2 – interconnection • Accepting that nothing is permanent allows us to be free!!! • Every moment and everything is a precious gift • Responsibility • Very Positive Optimism • Freedom Liberation • Always happening • Acceptance • Reflection

  38. Atisha • Change, change, change, change, change • Although change isn’t always obvious it is a fundamental precept of reality. Accepting it gives freedom. • Purification – Transformation. Acceptance, forgiveness and kindness. • We are all capable of positive change! • Helps avoid despair (all things must change) • Change allows Acceptance and Letting Go • We have the power to implement and /or support change • Acceptance • Change means that positive intent out of any situation is an option…an opportunity • Change teaches IMPERMAMANANCE NON ATTACHEMENT the values in relieving suffering • Gives hope • Understanding change empowers us to let go of what we don’t need • We have responsibility with change

  39. Blue Mts. • gives hope • flexibility knowing everything changes • we create our life, we choose our experience • foster resilience • the river flows and carries me with it • bring a greater capacity for patience • everything is possible • change

  40. Switzerland • Espoir • Hope • Passé, futur • Past, future • Moment présent • present moment • Le changement est une chance • Change is a chance • Le changement est les racines d’une vie heureuse • Change is the root of a happy life • Pardon, seconde chance, renouveaux, mouvement • Forgiveness, second chances, revivals, movement • Macrocosme, microcosme • Macrocosm, microcosm

  41. Switzerland • Whatelse! ( évidence) • Le changement permet de relativiser les situations difficiles • Change puts difficult situations into perspective • L’interdépendance amène un sentiment de responsabilité universelle d’amour et d’attention pour toutes choses • Interdependence brings a sense of universal responsibility to love and care for all things • Tout change donc tout est possible • Everything changes so everything is possible • Profite des bons moments sans t’y accrocher, regarde les mauvais moments en sachant qu’ils vont passer… • Enjoy the good moments without clinging, look at bad moments, knowing they will pass... • Be the mirror • so hard to be kind with oneself and trust change  • Lâcher-prise, non-attachement, « je peux devenir ce à quoi j’aspire », acceptation de la réalité qui apaise • Letting go, non-attachment, "I become what I aspire," accepting the reality that pacifies • À quoi cela sert-il d’être spécial quand tout change ! • What good is it to be special when everything changes! • Quelle belle liberté épatante que l’impermanence • What a great freedom that amazing impermanence

  42. Mexico

  43. Mexico

  44. Step Four: Perception

  45. France • So many realities • Listen • Same uniqueness • Acknowledge and accept difference • My world: experiencemeaning assumption action experience • Be careful, think twice, check up • Soritr de la prison des habitudes(?) mentales • Each view and perspective is partial, relative and therefore sacred • Silence is fast train to your heart • Par notre intention de vivre • Thoughts are constructions of our mind! Other people realities are as valid as ours! • Observe your thoughts and emotions; they make your reality  you can transform your thoughts and emotions and transform your reality • Listen, watch, feel, think. • Look twice if uncertain

  46. California • Perception changes when we check up- take a moment to look at the whole elephant • When our perception opens, our body and mind can fill with bliss • We can be enriched by the different ways we all perceive the world • Paying attention opens our eyes and hearts • We create our reality based on past experience remember each moment we can be new again • Be curious - check up • You filter reality through the lenses of your perception • Slow down - thing before you speak • Check up before re-acting • Assumptions are based on old information (previous experience) • Don't trust appearances.  They aren't what you think they are.

  47. Sydney • Patience • Respect the other person’s perception of reality • Tolerance • Keep a curious and open view on the experiences. Don’t judge /assume • Openness – clear perception – non-judgmental • Compassion • Connections with all sentient beings – no one left out • Insight into reality • Understanding – not blame – Interconnectedness, my part in everything • See clearly so can act to change when needed • See the whole – Be curious – Courage to be mistaken • Open my mind – Accept/join with others see more clearly • From when I was young I loved this quote; Perception is your reality • Understanding that everyone sees things differently. Celebrate diversity. Be aware of senses • Engage as if you do it for the very first time. Today’s a new day! • A picky eater may have food intolerance – don’t judge – tolerate

  48. Sydney • Even my own perception is changing and interconnected • Perception is in the eye of the Beholder • Brings awareness to our perception that we all see it differently • Acceptance Becomes Peace of Mind • Letting go of preconceived notions invites new beginnings • You – Me – I – We – Be Conscious! • Equality, empathy, connection, non-judging • I am wise when I reflect • Take time to really see the world and all its beauty • Free your mind, your perceptions will follow • Scared anxiety – fear of the unknown – teach/show/guide

  49. Atisha •Perception appears always to be subjective.•Be aware of filters•REALITY a negotiated concept, enriched by the concepts of others.•Perception can be directed, focused on different things in different ways. And that’s just from ONE person !•Take in the whole picture. Do not exclude data.•My view is no better or worse than your view…but it is different.•Try to question your beliefs. They are not the universal truth, although they may appear to be.•Need to consistently remind ourselves and others that assumptions need to be challenged.•A continual stream of this and that appears unless stillness is born to simultaneously perceive. CONSCIOUS GUIDANCE.•To laugh, to cry, to feel, to touch, to know, to speak, to hear, to see…•Be mindful…don’t miss a thing.•Each experience is unique….we are all capable of creativity. Checking out perceptions deepens and opens the heart.

  50. Blue Mts. • Reduce your emotions- nothing is solid • change your thoughts, water the good ones • helps us to become unstuck • things do not exist as they appear – check up • my glass is half full and ready to be filled up • we see in snippets • we know in part • allow room to grow • things change • hard to see other paradigms • open mind • mindful seeing • empowers our sense of possibility

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