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ID&R Updates

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ID&R Updates. Regional Meetings November 4, 5, 12, 2009 Jose Viana. Prospective Re-Interviews. Re-Interview Dates Began 06/09, Ended 08/09 Additional interviews in September & October (Back-up List) Interviewed Conducted 76 LEAs Visited 37 Revisions Needed 22 COEs 13 Areas of Concern

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id r updates

ID&R Updates

Regional Meetings

November 4, 5, 12, 2009

Jose Viana

prospective re interviews
Prospective Re-Interviews
  • Re-Interview Dates
    • Began 06/09, Ended 08/09
    • Additional interviews in September & October (Back-up List)
  • Interviewed Conducted
    • 76
  • LEAs Visited
    • 37
  • Revisions Needed
    • 22 COEs
    • 13 Areas of Concern
  • Withdrawals
    • 1 COE
lea re interviews
LEA Re-Interviews
  • Total
    • 138 Interviews Conducted
  • Revisions Needed
    • 16 COEs
  • Withdrawals
    • 4 COEs
id r due dates
ID&R Evaluation Report


With the MEP Application

COE Summary Outcome Report


Re-Interview Outcome Report


The following LEAs willnot have to complete the COE Summary Outcome Report in 2010:














ID&R Due Dates
race ethnicity question
Race/Ethnicity Question
  • Se identifica usted como hispano o latino?
  • Como me acaba de decir que se identifica como hispano o latino, se identifica usted como:
    • hispano blanco
    • hispano afro-americano o negro
    • hispano con raíces indigenas
    • or a combination of races
iii qualifying move work
  • 1. The children moved from _____ to _____
    • City/State/Country
    • School District
  • 2. The children moved
    • On own
    • With
    • To join or precede
      • i. The worker moved _____. The children moved _____.
      • Provide Comment (Why?)
    • The worker is the child’s parent, spouse, guardian
  • 3. The Qualifying Arrival Date was _____.
  • 4. The worker moved in order to obtain
    • a. qualifying work, and obtained
    • b. any work, and obtained
    • c. qualifying work, but did not obtain
      • i. The worker has prior history.
      • ii. There is evidence that the worker sought work.
      • Provide Comment
  • 5. The qualifying work, _____ _____, was
vii release of records

Los reglamentos para determinar elegibilidad, transferencia de certificados del estudiante, y el Acta de Privacidad y Derechos Educacionales de la Familia (FERPA por sus siglas in inglés) me han sido explicados. Autorizo a este distrito escolar y/o al Programa de Educación para Migrantes de Carolina del Norte para que transfiera y/o reciba información sobre la educación y salud de mi hijo(a), incluyendo la tarjeta de inmunización y los resultados de las pruebas estandarizadas, a/de otros distritos escolares, agencies educacionales y otras agencias pertinentes. Con el objetivo de potencialmente calificar para obtener servicios adicionales en educación, salud o servicios sociales, consiento que la información de mi hijo/familia, siendo confidencial bajo la previsión de FERPA, puede ser compartida con organizaciones que proveen servicios bajo el auspicio de los proyectos del Programa de Educación para Migrantes de Carolina del Norte, del Programa de Asistencia de Educación Superior (CAMP por sus siglas in inglés), del Programa de Equivalencia de Educación Secundaria (HEP por sus siglas in inglés), del Programa para Migrantes de Even Start (MEES por sus siglas in inglés), Programas de nutrición infantil u otros programas relacionados con el Programa de Educación para Migrantes en Carolina del Norte.

____________________ ______________________ ________________

Firma Relación Fecha (MMDDYY)

recruitment in north carolina
Recruitment in North Carolina
  • Regional Recruitment
    • 580 Students (50/Month)
  • Neighboring Recruitment
    • Borders are not fortresses!
    • MEP LEAs
      • Notify & Send COE
    • Non-MEP LEAs
      • Service
      • SEA Notification
    • Share Non-MEP LEAs
      • Service
avoiding duplicates
Avoiding Duplicates
  • Ask the interviewee if he/she knows about the Migrant Education Program.
  • Ask the interviewee if he/she has ever been recruited in North Carolina before.
  • If the interviewee answers “yes” to any of those questions, please notify your Data Specialist so that he/she can conduct a thorough search for a duplicate COE.
    • Comments Section (“Possible Duplicate”)
    • Regional Recruiters should check MIS2000
  • Confirm the spelling of the names.
    • Documentation
recruiting babies
Recruiting “Babies”
  • Written on the COE
    • Children under the age of 22 and
    • Born before the Qualifying Arrival Date
  • Do Not include
    • Children not eligible to receive a public school education
    • Children born after the QAD
ome conference recap
OME Conference Recap
  • Juan Sepulveda
    • Director of the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans
    • White House Initiatives (college education by 2020, & early childhood programs)
  • Lisa Ramirez
    • Director of the Office of Migrant Education (US Department of Education)
    • A New Season of Success Together
  • Thelma Menendez
    • Assistant Secretary for Elementary and Secondary Education (US Department of Education)
    • Respect, Responsibility, and Resolve
  • Richard Scott
    • Regional Representative for the North American and Caribbean International Office of Migration
    • Foster a sense of belonging (promote diversity)
  • Consuelo Kickbusch
    • Founder and President of Educational Achievement Services
    • We are caregivers ( )
  • Nathan Weiss
    • Program Officer (US Department of Education)
    • Monitoring Visit
      • LEAs will be given “scripts” and asked to assemble parents/students if possible
      • Student Folders – COE, list of services, other related documents
non regulatory guidance ch ii
Non-Regulatory Guidance (Ch. II)
  • Will replace the 2003 Guidance
  • “Change from one residence to another residence”
    • No Visits, Sick/Elderly exceptions, Work Related
  • “Due to economic necessity”
    • Could not afford to stay, earn a living
  • “To find only nonqualifying work”
    • Qualifying work had to be one of their options
  • “The date of the worker’s move and the date the worker obtains qualifying work”
    • 30 days, can depend on local conditions (justifiable)
  • “Initial processing”
    • Raw Product, No “Cleaning Equipment” or “Making Wreaths”
  • Websites
    • Non-Regulatory Guidance
    • Federal Register (Regulations Amendments)