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  2. What was the SPOILS SYTEM? The practice of rewarding supporters with money or land The practice of rewarding supporters with government jobs The practice of using the electoral college to vote for the president The practice of using family members to gain support

  3. Which group was hurt the most by Jackson’s removal policy? Native Americans The rich The poor Jackson's supporters NATIVE AMERICANS

  4. Which president urged Congress to pass The Indian Removal Act? Martin Van Buren Jackson No president did this Adams

  5. What do we call the long, harsh walk of the Cherokee during their journey west? THE TRAIL OF TEARS The Indian Removal Act The Civil War Trail of Tears More than 17,000 Cherokee were dragged from their homes in Georgia and forced to move west. 4,000 died along the way, and many others suffered.

  6. To win the election, who did Andrew Jackson depend on for support? The rich and famous The Native Americans The common people The women and slaves

  7. The Tariff of Abominations was the name given to the Tariff of 1828 by outraged southerners who felt the tax on imports was excessive and unfairly targeted their region of the country. What triggered the Nullification Crisis? Opposition to the Indian Removal Act Opposition to the Electoral College Opposition to the Bank of the U.S. Opposition to the Tariff of Abominations

  8. Why were some Native Americans known as “Five Civilized Tribes”? They were able to vote for the president They learned the ways of the white man They all lived near the Mississippi River They spoke good English

  9. What does this picture say about Andrew Jackson? He disliked the Spoils System He wanted to protect Native Americans He was the hero of the battle of New Orleans.

  10. Which group of people would probably buy this painting? A Native American Chief A director of the Bank of the U.S. A western farmer Yes, the western farmer was a “common man” not a rich man

  11. The artist wants us to see Jackson as…… A strong leader A good swordsman A charming, friendly man

  12. Until the 1820s, the right to vote had been limited to the rich and well born. Why did more people vote in 1828 than in 1824? By 1828, all women had the right to vote By 1828, the U.S. had twice as many people By 1828, all white men had the right to vote in most states

  13. Be prepared to describe this picture. What is happening? What building is this? Who are these people?

  14. What is happening in this picture? Jackson’s Inauguration Jackson’s wedding Battle of New Orleans Battle over the banks

  15. What building is shown in this picture? Pentagon The Bank of the U.S. A Cathedral White House

  16. Most of the people can be described as…...? Native Americans rich and famous people workers and their soldiers families (and some farmers)