by daniel nugent period 1 n.
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By: Daniel Nugent Period 1 PowerPoint Presentation
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By: Daniel Nugent Period 1

By: Daniel Nugent Period 1

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By: Daniel Nugent Period 1

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  1. The Aftermath of The Holocaust By: Daniel Nugent Period 1

  2. The Battle isn’t over • For most survivors the holocaust wasn’t the end of there suffering.

  3. Homes for the survivors • Many people after the holocaust had lost everything they had owned, including their homes. People were also very afraid to go home due to pogroms.

  4. Pograms were violent anti-jew riots. These riots often kept jews from leaving there home or even returning to there homes. One of the biggest pogram was in Poland on July 4, 1946 killing many Jews. Pogroms

  5. DP Camps • Many people were left homeless after the holocaust and were sent to DP camps. • DP Camps were developed to bring holocaust survivors back to health and help them start a new life.

  6. DP Living Stiuations • Survivors said living styles in the DP Camps were often • Cramped • a bit dirty • And hard leave once your in. • One survivor said, “The camps are better then concentrations camps, but are nothing compared to my home.”

  7. Psychological effect on survivors One thing that wasn’t noticed or treated in the DP Camps was the psychological trauma from the holocaust. Many people suffered from psychological damage that effected them for their entire life.

  8. The Cause of the Trauma • The main cause of the trauma was that people couldn’t not express their emotions or stories without being rejected by society. • This caused even more psychological damage and it went on to effect many others.

  9. “New” Families Many people rushed into loveless marriages causing problems in the couple relationship and children. These marriages lacked intimacy and true love, and this was a bad foundation for starting a family. This caused psychological damage in the second generation after the holocaust, usually similar to the ones in the first generation.

  10. Problems in the Second Gen. • Problems the second generation struggled with were: • Lack of nurturance as a child • Lack of trust in other outside their family • Struggled to be independent • Separation anxiety If the child to manage to separate and live a normal life they were consider a betrayer to the family. And anyone who encouraged the separation was considered a threat to the family.

  11. Conclusion • In conclusion the holocaust is a much greater event than what we portray it to be. Its not the killings and forces labor but also the DP camps and psychological trauma and it effect on many generations. These concepts need to be understood before we can fully understand the event of the holocaust