beau daniel period 1 project cell analogy n.
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Beau Daniel Period 1 project Cell Analogy PowerPoint Presentation
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Beau Daniel Period 1 project Cell Analogy

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Beau Daniel Period 1 project Cell Analogy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beau Daniel Period 1 project Cell Analogy

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  1. Beau DanielPeriod 1 projectCell Analogy

  2. Cell Wall - Stadium The cell wall is the outer boundary of plant cells that provides rigidity. The cell wall is like a stadium because it is rigid, hard, protects the components inside, and keeps it shape despite what happens on the outside.

  3. Cell membrane – Security The Cell membrane is a semi-permeable membrane that controls what goes in and out of the cell. The Cell membrane is like security because it only lets some people in.

  4. Nucleus – Head Coach The Nucleus is the control center of the cell. The Nucleus is like the Head Coach because he controls what the team does and what people do on the team.

  5. Nuclear Membrane – Coach’s Authority The Nuclear Membrane protects the Nucleus. The Nuclear Membrane is like the coach’s authority because it protects him from defiance and disrespect.

  6. Cytoplasm - Field The Cytoplasm is the site of cellular reactions. The Cytoplasm is like the football field because all the cellular reactions (games) take place here.

  7. Mitochondria – The Center The Mitochondria is the site of energy releasing. The Mitochondria is like the center because he is the start of all movement in play . He snaps the ball the QB which gets everyone to release there energy.

  8. Vacuole – The bench The Vacuole stores nutrients and waste products. The Vacuole is like the Bench because it has fresh new players but also has tired fatigued players.

  9. Endoplasmic Reticulum – The weight room The Endoplasmic Reticulum helps in the synthesis of proteins. The Endoplasmic Reticulum is like the weight room because its produces proteins to build muscle and is the base of the team.

  10. Golgi Body – Quarterback The Golgi Body is the delivery man of the cell. The Golgi Body is like the QB because he delivers the ball to the TE or WR with a pass or hands it off to the HB or FB. (there are exceptions , I know)

  11. Lysosome – O and D Cordnators The Lysosome carries out intracellular digestion. The Lysosome is like the O and D Coordinators because the get rid of old plays but get all the good things out of it to make new plays.

  12. Chloroplast – The Huddle The Chloroplast is the site of photosynthesis. The chloroplast is like The Huddle as it’s were the QB tells the play and gives encouragement that pumps up the team. (This pic is for you Rugh =)

  13. Chromosomes – The Play Book The Chromosomes are the DNA. The Chromosomes are like the Play Book because it has every play the team will run in it and a blueprint of what everybody's job is.

  14. Cytoskeleton – The Teams Discipline The Cytoskeleton helps the cell retain its shape and capacity for movement. The Cytoskeleton is like The Teams Discipline as it is the teams structure and makes them hardened.

  15. Centriole - recruiter The Centriole helps in cell division. The Centriole is like the Recruiter because he gets new players to join the team which makes the team bigger and better.

  16. THE END