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Gangsters Paradise

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Gangsters Paradise
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Gangsters Paradise

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  1. Gangsters Paradise By da following goonies: Kitty, Paige, Riley, Claire, and Megan

  2. History • Gangster’s Paradise was officially became a nation on July 28, 2010 • Was once a thriving unit living in harmony, until one day a man by the name of Antoine Dodson , a member of the Soulja Boiz, made accusations against members of the gang the Moonwalkerz. • He stated that someone had intruded into his home and was warning everyone to “hide their kids, wives, and husbands”, for fear that they would be intruded on

  3. History continued… • Outraged and offended that the Soulja Boiz, the Moonwalkerz began to cut off all ties with the Soulja Boiz. • Each would take over the turf of smaller weaker gangs in attempt to find more skilled dancers and rappers to beat each other in dance and rap tournaments.

  4. Environment • Gangster's Paradise is set up the same throughout each gang's turf due to the fact that they were once one • Even though the turfs are similar they are different in many ways • Gang members “tag” or decorate their turf according to their gang color and symbols of hatred toward the rival gang • Each gang member is raised to dance/rap battle to the end for one of their fellow members, this bond is unbreakable.

  5. Society • In Gangster's Paradise, there are two dominant gangs that run the joint. The Soulja Boiz, and The Moonwalkerz. • Two gangs generally avoid each other, as there is a mutual rivalry between them, and Dance Offs usually break out when there are problems, arguments, or disagreements. • The people living in Gangster's Paradise are of all different races, cultures, and religions.

  6. Big Poppa: Has authority over everyone in his gang and makes all the major decisions • Lil’ poppa: supervises everyone and takes care of things when the Big Poppa isn't around • Alpha Boiz: generally deal with anything Bidness (business) related. collect the money the Scrubz owe • Watch Dawgs: are in charge of watching the Scrubz • Omega Boiz: deal with the opposing gang; make sure they don’t gain too much power • Creeps: basically the spies of the gang. Creeps infiltrate the enemy gang's territory and try to gain information that could be useful. • Messengers: act as mediators between the two gangs • Scrubz: make up a large majority of the population of GP. They are the lowest, and poorest on the social ladder. Have no rights.

  7. Moonwalkerz • control the West and North side of GP • gang colors are Silver with blue or purple • better at business than the Soulja Boiz • dance style is inspired by Michael Jackson and so they use many of his traditional moves with their own spin.

  8. Da Soulja Boiz • Control the East and South Side of Gangster's Paradise • Gang colors are Gold and Green • Strict military style • Dance style consists of moves such as the "superman" and the "crank", and they also dougie and jerk.

  9. CONFLICTS • In Gangster's Paradise, there is a constant struggle for power between the two gangs • two types of battle; Rap Battle or Dance Off • Held in neutral territory called “Da Octagon” • Antoine Dodson is the judge • Rap Battle: A rap battle takes place between a member of each gang in the octagon. Each member will free stye and battle for about 10 minutes • Dance Off: During a Dance battle,1-5 members from each group meet in the octagon to duel each other in the art of dance. Dance offs usually last about 8-10 minutes

  10. Economy • Each gang has specific assigned jobs to each of their members according to their social rank • 85% of Scrubz money goes to the gang leader, "Big Poppa • Money that they do keep is used only for basic needs and this is a very strict rule

  11. Occupations • Gang Leader- Big Poppa, the president of Gangster's Paradise. The Gang Leader makes ALL decisions • Gang Leader's Secretary- Lil Poppa, transfers messages given by others to Big Poppa. keeps everything organized • Collectors- The collectors are mostly made up of Alpha Boiz; force the Scrubz to their fees. • Look Outs- Made up of the Watch Dawgs, they patrol a certain block they are specifically assigned to. job is to find any gang members that may show signs of revolting or non-believing in their gang

  12. Occupations Cont.. • Spies- The Creeps. A spy must have much intelligence for the fact that they must devise plans to discover useful information about their opposing gang. • Messengers- Deliver messages between each Big Poppa of the gangs • Territory Leaders- The Omega Boiz. Their number one priority in life is their gang's territory. Do everything in their power to ensure that no member of the opposing gang will enter their land *Besides these occupations (for most "upper class" gangsters), there are ordinary jobs like today. The Scrubz all have ordinary occupations, no scrub can have an upper class job, they must be promoted

  13. Laws In gangsters paradise, the following laws are enforced by the Alpha Boiz and the Omega Boiz. If any scrub fails to follow these law, it is punishable by death or exile. • 1. Big Poppa is your only master, whatever he says goes. • 2. 85% of all profits made by Scrubs must be given to Big Poppa. • 3. You are required to rap battle a person from a rival gang at least once a month. • 4. Scrubs from either side are not allowed to travel into the other gangs territory under any circumstance. • 5. All battles must be held in the Octagon. • 6. You must represent your gang at all times by wearing your gang color. • 7. If you fail to win your rap/ dance battle you must surrender yourself to the other gang and they will decide how to punish you.

  14. Government • The governments of both the Soulja Boiz and the Moonwalkers follow the pattern as shown on the social ladder. • Essentially dictatorships, because the Big Poppa has total control and the people are not allowed any choice in who their Big Poppa is. • Despite this, Big Poppa maybe overthrown at anytime if someone challenges him to a rap battle and he loses

  15. Da end