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  1. Paradise When to Go

  2. WALT: know about the climate of Thailand

  3. The plane lands in Thailand in the 2nd week of August. Coming out of the airport, the passengers of row 15, who we met in the last lesson are hit by a wall of heat!

  4. Like the islands of the Caribbean, Thailand lies 6-200 north of the equator. The climate is hot all year round with maximum temperatures between 24-380C, and the south-west monsoon winds that blow off the ocean bring wetter weather between May and October. • Nevertheless, the influence of the sea, mountains and distance from the equator still bring differences to the climate from one part of Thailand to another that could make or break a holiday! • Our passengers are arriving Thailand in the second half of August.

  5. Which of these passengers from row 15 are likely to get what they want from the weather at this time of year?

  6. Bangkok • The city of angels and capital of Thailand has many attractions. Day trips from the city include the floating market at Damnoen Saduak, and Thailand’s ancient capital, Ayuthya.

  7. Pattaya • 90 minutes south of Bangkok is the world famous resort town of Pattaya. It may not boast the best of Thailand’s beaches, but the nightlife is famous. It’s a great family destination too with vast range of shops, restaurants, go kart track and amusement park.

  8. Chiang Mai • Cooler and very different way of life in Thailand’s second city. Top attractions in the night market and Doi Suthep. Trekking, elephant rides and river rafting can be organised from the city. A place to chill out or detox in one of the Buddhist monasteries. Chiang Mai is also a great place to buy precious stones and jewellery, or silk, silver and other souvenirs.

  9. Bangkok (also Pattaya) & Chang Mai

  10. Ko Phangan • One of Thailand’s favourite spots for the young backpacker and those that want an alternative to the club scene of Ibiza. Full Moon parties and many beaches to choose from. Easily reached from its neighbouring island, the more developed Koh Samui.

  11. Ko Phi Phi • Many people think they’ve reached paradise when they come to the islands of Ko Phi Phi. Coral reefs, staggering limestone islands and caves, and not far from the larger resort island of Phuket.

  12. Koh Phangon & Koh Phi Phi

  13. Mae Hong Son • Nestled in a deep valley amongst the mountains in northwest Thailand, Mae Hong Son is becoming a new destination for those that enjoy peace and quiet, and its melting pot of culture. As the town lies close to the border with Myanmar (Burma) many different ethnic groups gather in Mae Hong Son. The women of one group, the Padaung are renowned for the rings they wear round their necks. In November the mountain slopes turn golden thanks to sunflowers.

  14. Kanchanaburi • Famous for its setting on the River Kwai, the ‘death railway’ and the two cemetries where thousands of soldiers are buried.

  15. Kanchanaburi & Mae Hong Son

  16. Danny and Melissa, 23, from Bristol "We plan to go to Koh Phi Phi for our honeymoon. We want it as sunny as possible."

  17. Steve, 28, from South London "I am heading to a full moon party on Koh Phangan, so it mustn't be cloudy!"

  18. Caroline, 25, from Merseyside "I won't travel far from Bangkok while I am recovering from my surgery. If it's too hot and humid I get an itchy rash right across my chest."

  19. George, 68, Bowes Village, County Durham "I plan to go to Kanchanaburi and Mae Hong Son. I am not after a sun tan, but I hope it stays dry."