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Gangsters. By: Isabella Parks . Table of Contents. Introduction Real Gangsters Al Capone Pretty Boy Floyd Resources . Introduction.

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  1. Gangsters By: Isabella Parks

  2. Table of Contents Introduction Real Gangsters Al Capone Pretty Boy Floyd Resources

  3. Introduction Gangsters around the 1920’s were mostly know for selling alcohol when it was banned by the US Constitution. Gangsters also used violence to ensure that their “property” was kept theirs. Gangsters often bribed politicians and police officers.

  4. Real Gangsters Two different gangsters are Al Capone and “Pretty Boy Floyd.” Pretty Boy Floyd Al Capone

  5. Al Capone • Al Capone was a famous gangster. In the 1920’s , he worked for Johnny Torrio (who was a leading figure in the “underworld”). Capone had the job of scaring other gangsters so that they would give Torrio their territory. Torrio was almost murdered by a different gang, so he decided to quit and give the business over to Capone. In two years, Capone was already making a salary of $105 million a year. Al Capone managed to bribe politicians and police officers. Capone also had thugs that tried to get Capone’s politicians elected. In 1931, Capone got charged with 11 years in jail. After that, Al Capone retired to his mansion in Florida.

  6. Pretty Boy Floyd • Floyd was born in Bartow County, Georgia. He grew up in Oklahoma. When Floyd was 18, he stole $3.50 from a post office and got arrested. He was also arrested for stealing payroll. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison but he only served for 3 and a half years. Floyd partnered up with several partnerships in the “underworld”, and robbed many banks. Floyd got arrested several times after, but escaped from most prisons. In 1932, Erv Kelley tried to arrest Floyd, but was killed. Floyd was also accused of many crimes, some that he was guilty of, some where he was not. On October 22, 1934, Floyd was shot in a corn field by some law officers and FBI agents lead by Melvin Purvis. Charles Floyd died under an apple tree.

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